The DevonWay Work Planning (WP) solution helps organizations, such as engineering departments, plan and prioritize their work. Users generate task lists each day or week to help guide them through their highest priority activities over the upcoming week. The solution interfaces with and pulls task information from outside sources like training databases, CAP systems, corporate and personal calendars, as well as other DevonWay modules to ensure all tasks and activities are managed in the work planning tool. With all tasks and activities in place, and with updates occurring on a frequent basis, WP automatically re-calculates due dates to accommodate emergent issues and new, higher priority tasks.

Lower priority tasks are pushed out to an appropriate date to support that task’s expected duration. Tasks are re-scheduled manually or in batch, for individuals or entire teams. WP is a complete representation of work, and includes a “base work load” to account for general time not allocated to any specific task. PTO, corporate holidays, and meetings not associated with specific tasks are accounted for via an Exchange server integration.

Capture tasks manually or automatically through pre-configured interfaces.Work Planning Screenshot 1

Configurable priorities by attribute let you adjust inputs over time.

Work Planning Screenshot 2

An intelligent scheduling and prioritization engine orders tasks in batch or on demand through a simple web form.

Work Planning Screenshot 3

Employees see what they have to do, by when, and in what order, through a simple list screen…

Work Planning Screenshot 4

…or in calendar view.

Work Planning Screenshot 5

Administrators and users set up alerts and notifications using criteria they specify on whatever schedules they choose.

Work Planning Screenshot 6

Tasks can be completed one by one or in batch.

Work Planning Screenshot 7

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