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It’s time to break up with SharePoint: 6 signs you’re ready for a mature relationship with your software

It’s time to break up with SharePoint: 6 signs you’re ready for a mature relationship with your software

By Maggie

You and SharePoint have been through a lot together. A younger you loved the collaborative functionality, the comfort of Office integration, the staying up all night generating content. But the older you got, the more your needs changed. Masses of clutter are no longer charming when you’re trying to find something, and you’re tired of begging it to work. Every day that goes by, you get more frustrated.

It’s not you. It’s SharePoint.

Here are 6 signs you’re ready for a more mature, stable relationship with software:

  1. You can’t do anything meaningful without involving SharePoint’s friends

Can’t find something? Call IT. Modify a report? Call IT. Your permissions got messed up? Call IT. It shouldn’t be that hard.

  1. Somehow, everyone ended up getting keys to your house

Fine-tuned organizations require fine-tuned, role-based control. SharePoint’s all-or-nothing approach doesn’t work for anything but the simplest setups.

  1. You don’t know where you’re headed

Getting to where you want to go requires built-in trending, so you can check and adjust. Capturing data on its own won’t do it – you have to use it too.

  1. You have to stay on top of everything to make sure it gets done

Assignments drive accountability. Without sophisticated workflow, SharePoint forces you to guess if things are going to get done when you expect them to.

  1. SharePoint’s firmly in the “you can’t change me man, so don’t even try” camp

I guess with lots of custom programming you can do anything you want, but if you have the time and budget to take on that work, there are plenty of other tools and languages to consider.

  1. You’re tired of paying the whole rent, month after month

The hidden costs to implement and maintain SharePoint can be through the roof, especially if you do anything slightly out of the box, like workflow.


You’ve been afraid to admit it for a while, but we’re here to tell you it’s okay. There are solutions out there that are responsible, mature, and cost effective. That want to stay in sync with you, and change when you change. That put the past, present, and future into perspective – a future you can finally look forward to.

So go have that talk. You owe it to yourself.