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Custom Training

DevonWay offers custom training specific to your organization and implementation either on-site or online. Contact us for more information.

On Site Training

The most effective training option is typically an in-person training session, conducted by one or two DevonWay employees. As with a virtual classroom, topics can be as general or as specific as you choose. Post-COVID, when business travel resumes, we can travel to your location for the training, or we can make arrangements to host the training at a location you choose. We recommend a class size of no more than 20 students.

Virtual Classroom

Some organizations find remote sessions via virtual classroom to be a more cost effective way to gather and train geographically dispersed teams. Virtual classrooms may be tailored to your application's specific functionality and may be focused on your specific requested areas of need.

DevonWay University

DevonWay University offers two-hour courses in person or online (live) on topics about using the DevonWay platform. Two or three courses can be taught each day. These courses cover generic DevonWay capabilities that are not specific to your organization's applications.

These courses cover topics for users, administrators, and module (application) development.

  • DevonWay User Courses - All DevonWay deployments feature a standard dashboard, search functionality, and reporting and notification capabilities. This set of courses focuses on these features, ensuring users understand how to find and report on the information that is important to them.
  • DevonWay Administrator Classes - DevonWay Administrators are key to successful deployments. Administrators manage users, teams, shared tiles, and are sought after experts within their organization for front-line support. This set of courses focuses on enhancing skills fundamental to the administration of DevonWay applications.
  • DevonWay Module Administration - To maintain and enhance your DevonWay applications, we offer this set of courses to teach administrators how to configure modifications to your DevonWay software modules.
  • DevonWay Module Development - These courses are for more technically advanced administrators that are interested in developing their own rules-driven, workflow-aware solutions using the DevonWay Platform. These courses are also well suited to customer IT professionals skilled in application development.
Contact us for more information.