Fully Integrated

DevonWay Business Intelligence is built into all DevonWay applications, so you can derive insights without having to leave the system. It is integrated with the standard enterprise search functionality, so all users have access to the same powerful visualization capabilities normally reserved for IT personnel, and to features such as trigger-based notifications and scheduled alerts.

Flexible & Easy-to-Use

DevonWay Business Intelligence enables non-technical users to create sophisticated reports with a user-friendly, drag-and-drop interface. You can visualize data as charts, crosstabs (pivot tables), or regular line reports, then share the visualizations with coworkers or export them as Excel spreadsheets, PDF documents, and more. And since DevonWay BI runs on top of the in-memory NoSQL search engine, there is no labor-intensive index maintenance or ETL work necessary – even for custom fields.

Summary of Benefits

Increase visibility with real-time analytics, dashboards, and trigger-based alerts that are natively integrated with your operational workflows

Increase efficiency through an easy-to-use, drag-and-drop interface that lets users create their own reports without having to go through IT

Promote collaboration by letting users share reports and email notifications with their coworkers


DevonWay Business Intelligence enables nontechnical users to create sophisticated reports with a user-friendly, drag-and-drop interface.

Key Features

Self-Service Reporting

Users can create their own reports using an intuitive, web-based interface, without involving IT. It usually takes just a few minutes of playing around for a user to create his or her first basic report, while those with more involved requirements can self-train using robust online examples and documentation.

In-Memory Search

The DevonWay platform includes an in-memory search engine to ensure that all data fields are available for reporting and analytics without the labor-intensive, slow, expensive index maintenance or ETL processes that traditional database-centric reporting solutions require for usable performance.

Robust Visualizations

Output your report as a calendar, bar graph, crosstab, pie chart, or any of dozens more visualizations to ensure you’re seeing the graphical representation of your data that helps you make the best possible informed decisions.

Trigger-Based Alerts

Once users set up a useful report, they never have to run it manually again; instead, they can tell the DevonWay system to send it to them automatically when it meets conditions they define (e.g., when there are new items), so they can stay up-to-date with current information without having to remember to actively log on and run the report.

Export to Different File Types

Users can export reports to Excel, Word, PDF, and other formats for easy sharing with colleagues who may not have access to the DevonWay system.

Share With Roles & Teams

Create a report once and share it with anyone in your organization, who can then run it or use it as a template and Save As to create their own modified version. Most importantly, the DevonWay authorization layer ensures that users only see the data they have access to, even if they all run the same shared report.

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