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        Universal Trending

        Identify trends early and proactively

        Available to all users

        Spreadsheet-based trending reports are error-prone, non-scalable, silo’ed, and often require dedicated personnel to create and maintain. With its easy-to-use web interface, DevonWay Universal Trending allows even non-technical users to generate trends across any type of structured data, without involving IT. Anyone can create and run trend reports across code libraries, departments, teams, locations, or anything else with discrete data values. Users can drill down into a graphical overview that includes a full historical view of those values, then drill down even further into the underlying data to get to the bottom of any deviation. In addition, users can set up alerts to trigger as soon as a specified trend is identified so they can follow trends in real-time, without having to log into the system.

        Easy-to-configure trend profiles

        Administrators can configure their own trend profiles through a simple, web-based screen, without help from DevonWay or IT. A rich set of scoring criteria inputs, such as “X points out of Y are more than two standard deviations above or below the mean” and “The number of occurrences is greater than or equal to X in a set of Y periods” provide for fine-tuned control over Statistical Process Control (SPC) charts. Alternatively, customers who don’t have specific trend profile requirements can simply use the pre-provided standard heat map, outlier, and SPC profiles.

        Top benefits

        Unlock new insights with high-level visualizations and full historical views

        Empower non-technical users with custom settings and alerts that can be configured without IT

        Save time and money by eliminating the manual work associated with spreadsheet-based trending

        Top features

        Instant results across all data

        DevonWay trend reports can be produced against any field with discrete values, such as cause codes, departments, significance levels, asset types, etc. Results return virtually instantaneously, without the expensive, labor-intensive index maintenance or data cube setup a traditional database centric trending solution would require.

        Multiple visualization types

        Trend results can be visualized as heat maps that are colored based on each cell’s value relative to the entire dataset or to the other values in its row; as admin-configurable Statistical Process Control charts, where each cell’s color is driven by sophisticated scoring rules; or as a simple grid of values.

        Full drilldown

        The initial view of a trend report shows a grid of cells colored according to the underlying trend profile; from there users click on a cell to see a row-specific chart with the trend line, control limits, etc; from which they can click on a specific period to see a list of the underlying data items; from which, finally, they can drill into the specific data item of interest.

        Admin-definable profiles

        Without involving IT or DevonWay, customer administrators with the proper role can create and manage sophisticated trend profiles and statistical process control charts using scoring criteria, for example “the most recent X points are increasing” or “the average is greater than or equal to X in a set of Y periods.”

        Trigger-based notifications

        Once a trend report has been created and saved, users can have the system automatically send an alert when the most current period crosses over a threshold, ensuring that important trends gain visibility on a timely basis without someone having to log into the system and manually run the report.

        Self-service interface

        Any user can create, save, and share trend reports, without requiring IT or DevonWay support. Common trend profiles come preconfigured, so users can start running trends out of the box, and graphical overviews can be exported to Excel, with all formatting and coloring retained. 

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