Protect Employee Health

It’s a nightmare when you learn that your employees could be exposed to chemical hazards and suffer illness or worse. When dangerous conditions go unnoticed and uncorrected, your company is vulnerable to health risks, penalties, and regulatory citations. DevonWay Industrial Hygiene software helps you identify, evaluate, and control chemical, biological, physical, radiological, and other workplace hazards so you can avoid those nightmares, minimize occupational health risks, and take immediate action as soon as dangerous conditions arise.

Close the Loop on Health and Safety

DevonWay Industrial Hygiene is an all-in-one solution that ties seamlessly to other DevonWay applications as well as your existing systems through an open REST API, closing the loop on your health, safety, and related processes. For example, you can directly associate industrial hygiene exposures to audits, inspections, and corrective actions.

Comply with Regulations

DevonWay Industrial Hygiene is configured to your specific requirements and processes. Automated, configurable workflows enable rapid response and compliance with regulations and standards. With trigger-defined alerts and real-time dashboards, employees know when they need to take immediate action in response to dangerous conditions. Sophisticated reports with best-in-class search, reporting, and trending help you identify, assess, and minimize risks. And our usage-based pricing model enables everyone to participate in creating a healthier, safer workplace—you never pay for empty seats.

Summary of Benefits

Minimize risks associated with industrial hygiene while ensuring compliance with regulations and standards

Track and improve industrial hygiene exposure

Promote participation throughout the organization

Key Features

Issues Management

DevonWay Industrial Hygiene integrates with your overarching CAPA program so adverse sampling trends and deficiencies identified during routine inspections are properly dispositioned and quickly corrected to close the loop on issues management.

Automated Sample Planning

Manage sampling activity through prescribed plans based on location, chemical, and physical agents, and more. Automatically schedule plans and assignments.

Streamlined Workflow

Build your sampling plan around groups of personnel who perform similar types of tasks, use the same materials or processes, etc. to reduce the number of samples required for better outcomes.

Chemical Exposure Analytics

Create ad-hoc reports and trends without involving IT to get a full visualization of industrial safety risks.

Integrated Risk Assessments

Integrate with your organization’s risk assessment program so you can make qualitative judgements about the agents and hazards associated with work tasks.

Notification History

Capture a full history of notifications sent to employees (based on samples, SEGs, etc.) as well as acknowledgement of notice received.

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