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        Mobile Work Packages

        Improve work quality and safety with electronic work packages

        Increase quality and safety

        From engineering documents to standard operating procedures, from audits and assessments to simple data collection forms, most field work today involves paper, which is expensive to generate and store and can be lost or damaged. Furthermore, paper-based processes hide trending issues because you lack real-time visibility into what's happening in the field.

        DevonWay Mobile Work Packages provide the full spectrum of work instructions and up-to-date reference material for tablet access and work completion, online and off. They improve safety and procedure adherence in the field while providing managers with real-time information and updates from remote work sites. 

        DevonWay Mobile Work Packages automate manual work management processes like printing and collating, work package updates and distribution, and quality assurance archiving. And they eliminate double data entry and lost information.



        Advance digital transformation

        DevonWay Mobile Work Packages help you advance digital transformation and significantly impact quality, safety, and cost reduction.

        They're fully integrated with your quality, safety, compliance, and other processes to maximize impact. Integrated trending, built-in business intelligence, and notifications and alerts show you where to focus and improve.

        DevonWay Mobile Work Packages facilitate your transition to a digital solution and encourage all employees – from seasoned veterans to recent college graduates – to participate. 

        DevonWay Mobile Work Packages run natively on iOS, Android, and Windows devices, both online and off.

        Top Benefits

        Hard-dollar savings through the elimination of paper and double data entry

        Improved quality and safety with built-in validations and multimedia aids

        A more motivated workforce encouraged by the application of modern technologies

        Top Features

        Workflow Integration

        The generation of a work package and its component forms is part of a larger workflow that incorporates review, approval, execution, analysis, and ongoing maintenance into one seamless process. This integration improves quality, visibility, and data-driven improvement.

        Quick Work Package Creation

        Quickly compile work permits, pre-job briefs, procedures, relevant operating experiences, and all other components into a single work package for assignment to users’ mobile devices. Common work package types can be automatically created and assigned from pre-existing, admin-definable templates, without involving IT.

        Flexible Deployment

        Support for iOS, Android, and Windows native apps that can run online or offline means that you can pick the deployment model that fits best within your IT architecture without having to make a large capital investment in new devices or network access points.

        Integrated Analytics

        Produce meaningful and actionable results with ad hoc reports, trigger-based alerts, and an outage control center (OCC) dashboard. All interactions are recorded and time stamped, which enables easier auditing without having to locate and organize disparate pieces of paperwork and forms.

        Issues Management

        Create a new Condition Report or Suggestion to trigger a procedural change or to resolve other conditions adverse to quality encountered during work execution. After work is completed, include relevant operating experiences in subsequent work packages, so lessons learned can propagate forward.

        Multiple Document Types

        Work packages support annotating plain PDFs, filling out active PDF forms, or executing native mobile-first forms and procedures – the document type can be chosen based on each customer’s needs and requirements. In addition, users can add documents to a work package from a configurable, built-in library – even while offline.

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