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Arizona Public Service improves
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    "DevonWay customer service is outstanding.  The project teams always provide quick responses."

    Claudette L., HU Section Head
    Canadian Nuclear Laboratories

      Case Study: Takeda

      At Takeda, DevonWay software
      contributes to 20% improvement
      in Batch Right the First Time.
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        ESG & Sustainability

        Make and measure progress toward goals


        Go beyond ESG reporting

        Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) initiatives are a C-level priority. Companies are publicizing aggressive goals for reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions to net zero and beyond, ensuring their supply chain is socially responsible, and more. They're reporting on efforts to improve ESG ratings. But meeting ESG goals is more than a reporting problem. It's an improvement problem.


        Use DevonWay ESG & Sustainability to accelerate progress

        jens-herrndorff-mZzSmzxzrX4-unsplash-1With DevonWay ESG & Sustainability software, you can both track ESG metrics and implement performance initiatives to achieve your goals.

        Leading standards like GRI, TCFD (Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures), and SASB are built-in, so you can implement quickly. Use Metrics & KPIs to measure where you are today, then leverage best-of-breed continuous improvement to accelerate progress. Plus, everyone can get visibility and insight into progress with easy-to-use Business Intelligence

        Improve any ESG metric on a unified software platform that can also run your safety, quality, asset, and work management operations — so it doubles as your system of record for data that feeds ESG metrics and ratings.

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        ESG & S detailed


        Benefits that go beyond reporting

        With DevonWay ESG & Sustainability you can: 
        • Improve any ESG metric with compliance management
        • Identify and mitigate operational and enterprise ESG risks
        • Save time with ESG standards like GRI and SASB built-in
        • Develop effective ESG programs with our trusted expert partners

        DevonWay software can be your system of record for data that feeds ESG metrics and scores, including our comprehensive suite of EHSQ solutions.


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        DevonWay ESG & Sustainability

        DevonWay ESG & Sustainability is a bundle of fully integrated DevonWay products:

        Compliance Tracking, Metrics & KPIs, Improvement Initiatives, and, optionally, Risk Management.

        Choose the DevonWay products you need now, and add on anytime. They securely integrate with your other systems, too, so you’re never stuck with more silos. 

        Specifically for highly regulated industries 

        • Best-of-breed continuous improvement practices provide visibility and accountability toward meeting goals
        • Usage-based pricing includes unlimited users, so everyone can participate
        • Certified to ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 standards
        • US, EU, and Canadian datacenters for companies operating globally
        • US-support-only option for customers under export control rules
        • Securely and easily connect other systems with DevonWay software
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        Why DevonWay

        Superior value

        Pay by usage, not by user, so everyone can participate, from field to C-suite


        Trusted by leaders in highly regulated, high-risk industries

        Secure integration

        Securely and easily connect other systems that feed ESG metrics and programs

        100% success

        100% of DevonWay implementation projects go into production

        Driving ESG and Sustainability Initiatives-1


        Webinar: Driving ESG and Sustainability Initiatives with DevonWay

        July 28, 2022 at 9:00 am PT

        Learn how companies like Biogen and Quaker Houghton use DevonWay ESG and Sustainability, and how it connects with critical processes.

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        Biogen case study


        Biogen advances ESG & CI initiatives with DevonWay software

        Learn about the business benefits that Biogen received from Enterprise DevonWay/VISTA Continuous Improvement, including Sustainability Project Tracking.

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        Decode ESG jargon

        Environmental, Social, and Governance has quickly become an important and strategic area of focus. Use this handy guide to decipher the jargon so you can join the conversation.


        Go to the ESG Guide



        We evaluated eight EHSQ providers before selecting DevonWay. DevonWay is the perfect vendor that supports our long-term vision of having a unified quality, safety, and asset management platform.
        Kevin L.
        Quality Engineering Lead | Viking Air Limited
        It's been an excellent experience with DevonWay. We need to track multi-million $ productivity improvement projects across the globe and DevonWay has made that seamless.
        Mark C.
        Director of Operations - Global Service | GE Healthcare
        The technology has revolutionized the way we work and has already made significant efficiency and cost savings. The cost savings will become even more significant as we move more work order cards to the new system.
        Martin B.
        Project Manager | EDF Energy
        I use the relationship we have with DevonWay as our gold standard when we work with outside entities. I don’t know anyone I work with outside of NPPD that we have such a good relationship with.
        Kyle P.
        Senior Systems Analyst | Nebraska Public Power District

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