Digitize any procedure or form

Digitizing manual or paper-based processes can save you upwards of $10-$50 per form or procedure, and that’s mostly in labor savings and doesn’t take into account the benefits you receive from real-time visibility into data, avoiding procedure adherence mistakes, and encouraging a culture of innovation. And since the DevonWay mobile app is an extension of the platform, data you capture with it is available for reporting and trending, so you can finally glean valuable insights from the field.

Native app features

A lot of important field work happens where networks are weak or non-existent. The DevonWay mobile app works seamlessly without a connection, saving your data as you go and then syncing it automatically to the server when it’s back online. It also lets you capture pictures and geolocation information, and use your phone’s native voice-to-text function for easy hands-free notations.


Whether you have a BYOD policy or control access through company-provided devices, we have a distribution model that can accommodate your requirements. You can download the app from the public stores, or we can work with you to distribute it through your corporate Mobile Device Management (MDM) infrastructure. And with support for iOS, Android, and Windows 10, you can leverage any investments in devices that you’ve already made.

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