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        Mobile Documents

        Mobile forms and procedures, online and off

        Improve adherence to procedures

        Eliminate your organization’s reliance on paper for collecting data in the field or performing work. DevonWay Mobile Documents supports a graded approach, where templates can be rolled out in phases over time, facilitating change management and allowing the processes with the greatest ROI to be tackled first.

        Mobile forms enable field workers to enter data relating to a single item such as a condition report or work order. Mobile forms can contain checklists, field value validation, and automatic entry of field values, such as name, team, and location, to save time. They're easy to use for fast adoption with little to no training.

        Mobile procedures add structure with step-by-step instructions, optional sign-offs, hold points, recognition of out-of-tolerance values, place keeping, and more to significantly reduce human procedure execution errors.

        Mobile Documents run on DevonWay Mobile, so they're available for iOS, Android, or Windows mobile devices for online or offline execution, with features like video and photo annotation, signatures, geolocation, bar code scanning, and more.

        Reduce costs and human error

        Mobile Documents create significant cost and time savings over paper-based processes.  A business case study performed at Idaho National Laboratory analyzed the impact of electronic procedure execution. By observing and interviewing crews before, during, and after executing work, an average of 11.4% reduction in person hours was identified, which equated to nearly 30,000 hours, or $3.3M in annual labor savings, as well as a reduced risk of human error.

        Gain visibility into current state of work

        DevonWay Mobile Documents is fully integrated with other DevonWay products, and data gathered from Mobile Documents is immediately available for workflow, reportingand trending. If workers are using connected devices, operators and schedulers have a current view of the state of work in the field, which is vital to scheduling and work planning activities. 

        Top Benefits

        Fast ROI through time savings and a graded approach

        More informed decision making through integrated analytics

        Improved work quality from embedded logic and integration with existing workflows and procedures

        Future-proofing the organization by moving work to mobile devices

        Top Features

        Mobile Forms and Procedures

        Supports both mobile forms and computer-based (step-by-step) procedures. Both can be executed offline and then synchronized to the server when connectivity is available. Mobile Documents run as native apps on all three major mobile platforms – iOS, Android, and Windows 10.

        Reporting and Analytics

        Users can create their own ad hoc reports and statistical trends to assess performance over time, creating opportunities to gain insight and adjust more quickly. Moreover, the ability to create alerts and notifications from these reports and trends helps keep interested stakeholders informed and involved.

        Integrated Workflows

        Mobile Documents fits naturally within DevonWay’s workflow engine, so work can be performed in the field as a seamless part of a larger process that includes planning, review, validation, and other steps. This streamlines the entirety of a process’s lifecycle, from initiation to closure.

        Embedded Logic

        Procedures and forms can include logic that controls modifiability, whether a step is required, validations, branching, calculations, routing, defaults, and much more. The logic can act as an automated oversight tool, for example to prevent specific steps from being skipped or to require a signature.

        Rich Content

        Images, tables, signatures, and other elements can all be included as fields on a form or procedure. This gives Mobile Document administrators the tools to provide users with all the data elements they need to execute their work effectively.

        No-code web authoring

        Create and modify Mobile Documents using Mobile Designer, a no-code authoring environment. Optionally, you can import Word-based procedures through an integrated import tool for a quick start to the definition.

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