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        Compliance Tracking

        Maintain compliance with regulations and contractual obligations

        Keep up with changing regulatory requirements

        When regulations are constantly changing, and when they're complex, ensuring compliance is challenging. Using manual processes or disconnected systems that lack the flexibility and visibility to manage compliance risk can lead to legal, financial, and reputational consequences.

        DevonWay Compliance Tracking enables you to manage and track all compliance-related issues, tasks, and actions. It's quickly configurable to ensure compliance with any government agency’s regulations, including DOE, NERC, FERC, DOT, DOD, and NRC. And it quickly accommodates future regulatory or contractual changes any time.

        Ensure compliance while minimizing risks

        Ensure ongoing compliance with regulatory requirements and contractual obligations by connecting related processes such as risk management, audits and assessments, non-conformances, and more.

        Keep your organization informed. Retrieve and share real-time insights to make informed decisions. Plan ahead with Compliance Calendars and get automatic alerts when deadlines are approaching.

        Top Benefits

        Mitigate risk and respond quickly as needed with configurable workflows that match your organization’s specific requirements.

        Ensure ongoing compliance with regulatory requirements and contractual obligations by connecting related processes.

        Save money by avoiding fines and penalties for non-compliance. Save time with automated reporting and built-in business analytics.

        Top Features

        Complex Requirement Management

        Break requirement documents down into actionable sub-parts with infinitely deep parsing. Assign each sub-part to the appropriate internal group or department so that actions can be monitored through to completion.

        Flowdown Visibility

        Allow authorized users to quickly and easily review the flowdown for reference and see how regulations and contracts are broken down, parsed out, and addressed from top to bottom.

        Easy Change Management

        When contracts or regulations are modified, easily identify the affected requirements along with potentially affected procedures, guides, manuals, and more. Trigger reopening of affected documents for review and revision as needed with DevonWay Document Management system or your third-party document system.

        Archive-quality PDF Tools

        All uploaded documents are automatically converted to PDF using best-in-class PDF conversion tools. Those PDFs can then optionally be directly annotated by privileged users during the review cycle for quicker gathering of comments and more effective collaboration.

        Automated Required Assessments

        When combined with DevonWay Audits and Assessments, you can flag sub-parts as Required Assessments to: specify assessment type and periodicity; automatically generate annual departmental assessment plans; and track past performance against identified requirements.

        Unified System for All Contracts and Regulations

        Manage multiple contracts in a single system, along with underlying requirements and compliance activities. Scalable support for unlimited numbers of documents, with full-text keyword search across all indexable content, ensures that users can quickly find what they’re looking for.

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