How it works

Track any kind of task to completion

Since general actions aren’t held to the same level of scrutiny as corrective actions or non-conformance reports, they’re an easy, effective way of tracking general work tasks, which not only helps employees keep track of what they have to do but also gives management improved visibility over where the team is spending its time.

And since General Actions can natively integrate with any other module, they can be used to generate follow-up tasks without distracting from the current process being executed.

Address problems while they're small

With the proper tools to manage standalone action and workflow items, along with other more complex activities, organizations gain visibility into operational performance at all levels, preventing lower-risk items from falling through the cracks and escalating to full-fledged issues that threaten performance, safety, and your bottom line.

Through ad hoc, in-memory reporting and a powerful analytics engine, you can derive your insights and even create your own trigger-based notifications to keep interested stakeholders aware — all without involving IT.

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