Protect Health, Safety, the Environment, and Your Business

Hazardous waste management requires careful tracking, safe handling, reporting, and compliance with regulations. Compliance violations can lead to injuries, substantial fines, and environmental damage – any of which can cripple your business. Your hazardous waste management solution should not only help you avoid violations, it should also enable greater operational productivity, fast incident response, and continuous improvement supporting a strong safety culture. You can’t do that with paper processes, or even with many software products that don’t integrate with related environmental health and safety programs, don’t provide analytics tools to identify negative trends early so you can correct them, and can’t support your operational workflow needs.

Comply with Regulations, Minimize Risk

DevonWay Hazardous Waste Management strengthens your safety culture while ensuring regulatory compliance. DevonWay Hazardous Waste Management provides regulatory coverage (such as NPRI, ADR, and RCRA) and automated reporting, hazardous waste permit and reporting management, hazardous waste inventory management, Toxics Release Inventory (TRI) compliance, disposal management, hazardous waste labels and manifests. Automated, configurable workflows enable rapid response and regulatory compliance. Alerts and real-time dashboards notify employees of dangerous conditions that require immediate action. Best-in-class search, reporting, and trending help you identify, assess, and minimize risks of managing hazardous waste. Delivered in the cloud or on-premise, it’s available on iOS, Android, and Windows mobile apps.

DevonWay Hazardous Waste Management interoperates with other DevonWay products for continuous improvement. For example, you can directly associate hazardous waste exposures to audits, inspections, and corrective actions.

Summary of Benefits

Ensure regulatory compliance and automate regulatory reporting for hazardous waste, from generation to disposal

Improve productivity while complying with regulations by automating workflow and streamlining tasks such as container tracking

Provide mobile access so authorized users can view waste container information, even without an internet connection

Best-in-class search, reporting, and trending help you identify, assess, and minimize risks of managing hazardous waste

Key Features

Container Tracking

Geographical coordinates of every container entry originating from the mobile app are automatically stored and tracked.

Hazard Management

All health and physical hazards associated with container contents are tracked and available for search and reporting.

Integrated Barcode Labels

Users easily print barcodes and can scan codes directly from the mobile app.

Dynamic Workflow

Waste container receipts, disposal, transfers, and other actions automatically process through a dynamic workflow.

Integrated Audits & Checklists

Business users set up and manage supplemental forms, audits, and checklists that reference waste containers and compliance items.

Smart Alerts

Users can sign up for automated alerts for storage time tracking, compliance deadlines.

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