Audits and Assessments

Get real-time visibility across all your compliance efforts

How it works

Keep tabs on everything

By moving audits and assessments out of Word and Excel and into a central database, you achieve cross-organizational visibility into all your compliance activities. Prebuilt reports give individual auditors and senior management real-time status updates, while a sophisticated ad hoc reporting engine allows users to create their own views and notifications on whatever triggers or schedules they require.

Besides achieving transparency, the simple fact that all assessments follow a standard methodology means that you get to make apples-to-apples comparisons across findings, which results in faster compliance.

Finally, an in-memory full text search engine indexes all supporting documentation, for instant keyword search results. It’s like having your own personal Google.

Create custom templates

A wide assortment of predefined templates lets auditors quickly initiate a new audit or assessment. But for ad hoc audits, or in response to findings, users with the right role can create their own template and then publish it.

On each template, the rating questions can be tailored to either yes/no or compliant/noncompliant. Additional settings include:

  • Making the question required or optional
  • Whether users can remove questions from the checklist
  • Choosing whether optional fields are visible

Template questions may also be weighted such that one question counts more than another in the overall compliance calculation.


Seamless user experience

Manage structured compliance forms and associate those forms with assessment templates.

Configurable workflow

Customize your workflow to track across the planning, preparation, execution, and oversight of all audit activities.

Engaging audit report

Receive automatic audit reports with our existing MS Word templates, or use a new structure with custom formatting.

Comparison dashboard

Use a built-in comparison dashboard along with platform-level reporting options to view and analyze assessment data.

Audit schedules

Set up audit schedules in advance to ensure audit scope for the period provides complete coverage to satisfy internal and regulatory requirements.

Template-driven model

Pre-load your audit plan to include requirements, objectives, lines of inquiry, and other audit content to minimize data entry and ensure standards are met.

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