Identify trends early and proactively

Instant high-level view

Choose a date field and any field with discrete values (trend codes, departments, significance levels, equipment tags, etc.) and the software will instantly return a graphical overview of the values, showing you where the peaks and valleys in your data are. And since trends are just another output type in search, they run against our in-memory search engine, which means they return almost instantly, regardless of the number of underlying records.

Configurable SPC

Through a simple web-based admin screen you can configure your own Statistical Process Control profiles, using inputs such as “X points in a row are increasing or decreasing” to calculate a score that is applied to make you aware of important deviations in your data. Drilling into a graphical overview cell then gives you a full historical view of that discrete value going back in time, as well as more details behind your score. From there you can drill further down into the underlying data to get to the bottom of what’s causing the deviation.

Easy to use

DevonWay’s lightning-fast speed trend algorithm and UI encourages playing with the data, clicking and digging until you uncover important patterns previously undiscovered. And with pre-configured trend profiles, you can start using it immediately, without a lot of complicated upfront setup steps or conversions.

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