Organization-wide Participation

Large, highly regulated organizations must mitigate operational risk to keep their companies safe and to avoid legal, financial, and reputational damage. When processes to record, review, and take action on incidents are manual or happen in disconnected systems, incidents can fall through the cracks and increase risk. Effective incident management requires broad participation throughout the organization to ensure incidents are captured and reviewed for follow-up as well as reporting and trending to identify and correct incidents as soon as possible.

DevonWay Incident Management empowers everyone from the field to the office to participate in incident management with an intuitive mobile app for capturing incidents on the spot and a desktop application for tracking and analyzing issues. Supervisors can set up trigger-based alerts to keep everyone informed. Non-technical users can create intelligent reports and dashboards to ensure incidents are properly addressed. And with a usage-based pricing model, you have the flexibility to scale without having to pay for empty seats.

Tailor to Your Needs

Every company manages incidents differently. Some require integration with systems that manage non-conformances, others trigger in-depth root-cause analyses, and review processes vary.

DevonWay Incident Management is highly configurable, without code, to meet your exact business rules, regulations, and workflows now and when they evolve. It connects seamlessly with other DevonWay applications and to your existing systems via REST API, creating a closed-loop process for minimizing operation risk, tracking incidents, investigating root causes, and analyzing data for improvement.

Summary of Benefits

Minimize operational risk while ensuring compliance with regulations, standards, and contracts

Increase safety through immediate visibility and insight into incidents and causes so you can take immediate action

Maximize opportunities for recording incidents by enabling a broad participation and easy entry on mobile devices, even when offline

Stay informed with real-time dashboards and automated alerts that trigger under conditions you and your users specify

Summary of Benefits

Key Features

Standalone or Integrated

Incident Management can be used standalone, natively integrated with other DevonWay solutions, or integrated via REST API with third-party systems, ensuring a seamless experience.

Configurable Workflow

Administer your own workflow settings for different types of condition reports and various significance levels without having to modify the underlying configuration. Tasks are routed to responsible individuals or teams based on your business rules.

Intuitive Mobile App

Users can report incidents on their iPhone, Android, or Windows mobile device, even if its offline: data syncs once Wi-Fi is restored. Managers stay informed with a real-time incident stream of critical incidents.

User-Friendly Reporting

Manage your work, create reports, and analyze data yourself, without having to navigate to multiple systems, wait for a data warehouse to be refreshed, or get help from IT or BI analysts.

Automated Alerts

All specified stakeholders can receive automatic alerts so they’re always aware of their assignments, upcoming due dates, and critical issues.

Performance Improvement

Incidents can be directly associated with other DevonWay products such as compliance tracking, audits, suppliers, non-conformances, and more for performance improvement.

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