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        Customer Complaints

        Manage valuable feedback for better quality and compliance

        Complete feedback loop

        Customer complaints are inevitable, no matter how great your product or service is. Having a system in place to capture, manage, and analyze complaints ensures a complete feedback loop for the process, so you can meet your customers’ current and future needs and avoid long-term financial and reputational damage.

        DevonWay Customer Complaints can run standalone, integrate with your existing systems, or be installed as part of a full QMS implementation, depending on your needs. Ensure complaints are properly documented, investigated, and resolved with an all-in-one system to manage information, activities, and workflows.

        Unlock insights for improvement

        With DevonWay, anyone can easily customize their dashboards, perform searches, and create reports to get the information they need in seconds. Our best-in-class search and reporting makes it easy to run and distribute reports through automated alerts, so you can use your data to uncover important patterns that help you drive improvements, such as reducing the number of complaints. And with built-in Universal Trending, non-technical users can run sophisticated trend reports against any discrete value – so you can quickly spot where things are going right and where they’re going wrong.

        Top Benefits

        Enable a customer-first culture to help your business attract and retain customers

        Reduce risk from financial and reputational damage with an all-in-one system for recording, managing, and resolving complaints

        Empower non-technical participants with an easy-to-use interface and self service reporting

        Top Features

        Incidents & NCR Integration

        Users can initiate Non-Conformance Reports (NCRs) and Incident Reports directly from customer complaints, if the complaint requires engaging either of those programs for subsequent screening and investigation.

        ERP Interface

        Reference individual complaints with purchase orders, contracts, shipments, product SKUs, and other information that resides in your ERP.

        Anonymous Complaints

        If desired or appropriate, you can allow for the anonymous submission of customer complaints.

        Automatic Routing

        Set up email templates to automatically acknowledge new customer complaints as they come in, and to automatically route complaints that meet specific criteria to different teams for review.

        Mobile App Access

        Users can navigate through new complaints on their phones and tablets, ensuring that important new events are quickly brought to attention.

        Custom Forms

        The solution supports fully customizable forms with the exact field inputs and selections required to align with your business. Business rules enforce required inputs and display context-sensitive field regions.

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