Increase Visibility

Training departments are challenged to stay abreast of frequently changing certification requirements, develop training plans to bridge gaps, and track lessons completed toward qualifications. Providing greater visibility into employees’ progress makes it easier for both employees to make it across the finish line, and for managers to actively drive and support the process.

DevonWay’s Training Management solution allows organizations to create and manage training plans, gives workers the resources they need to achieve necessary certifications, and provides management with necessary visibility through automated notifications that trigger when predefined thresholds are crossed.

Keep Workers Safe and Compliant

Workers who perform tasks associated with quality and safety risks must ensure competency before tackling the job. DevonWay Training Management contains optional tests that are built into training assignments to assess the student’s understanding of the materials. Improvement areas are automatically highlighted so appropriate corrective action can be taken before training is completed.

Summary of Benefits

Ensure workers are qualified, trained, and certified with centralized training information that is fully accessible and traceable

Keep workers and managers informed on training and certification statuses with automated notifications

Maintain compliance by seamlessly connecting training programs with contractual obligations or other training requirements

Key Features

Requirements Management

Training requirements (e.g. training courses, certifications, licenses, or other prerequisites) can be managed directly by program managers.

Self-Service Enrollment

Workers can review course schedules and sign up for training courses that are required for their role.

Batch-Assigned Training

Authorized users can batch-assign training to worker groups based on their locations, roles, qualifications, or other criteria to efficiently apply requirements across a team or organization.

Automated Alerts

Process stakeholders (e.g. workers and managers) receive alerts for upcoming training, overdue training, qualification expirations, expired certifications, and other key events to minimize safety, performance, and compliance risks.

Performance Analysis

Visualize training performance in aggregate or by department and identify trends to target areas for improvement with Business Intelligence and Trending. Integrate with the DevonWay Corrective and Preventive Actions solution to assess against quality and safety issues.

Compliance Management

Training documents can be connected to the regulatory or contractual obligation that directly impacts them. Once connected, if there is a regulatory or contractual change that impacts content, the content owner is notified of potential impact and the training can be reviewed against the new requirement.

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