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        Equipment Calibration

        Ensure accurate measurement and test equipment

        Accurate and easy to use

        Properly calibrated tools are critical for validating that assets are operating within acceptable ranges – especially in regulated environments. DevonWay Equipment Calibration ensures that measurement and test equipment (M&TE) used by energy, oil, gas, biotech, construction, research, manufacturing, and other businesses are accurate and traceable to National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) requirements. In addition to managing calibration data and schedules, the Equipment Calibration solution also manages the repair process for out-of-tolerance instruments.

        DevonWay Equipment Calibration is easy to use and quickly configured to your requirements.

        Top Benefits

        Centralized equipment data that is fully traceable, easy to enter, and easy to access

        Maximum workflow flexibility with configurable process steps that match your organization’s requirements

        Maintain compliance via quality control standards ANSI/NCSL Z540.3 or ISO/IEC 1702 that are coded directly into the platform

        Top Features

        Fully Traceable

        Each measurement and test equipment asset is tracked throughout its lifecycle and includes information about when it was purchased, its serial and model number, technical information, program identification tracking number, location, calibration procedures and history, repair history, issue history, use history, and more.

        Automated Compliance

        The Equipment Calibration solution ensures compliance to M&TE industry metrology quality control standards ANSI/NCSL Z540.3 or ISO/IEC 17025. In addition, should an M&TE standard be found out of calibration, all instruments calibrated with that standard are easily identified, located, and evaluated for re-calibration.

        Managed Calibration Schedules

        Each M&TE asset can be associated with its own calibration frequency. Auto-generated notifications keep users, program managers, supervisors, and other interested stakeholders aware of upcoming and overdue calibrations.

        Calibration Tool Interfaces

        Data from Bascom-Turner and other popular calibration equipment can be ingested into the DevonWay system for a complete record of an instrument’s calibration history.

        Barcode Scanning

        In addition to an easy-to-use browser interface, users can use a barcode scanner to easily search for and add M&TE assets.

        Standalone or Integrated

        The Equipment Calibration solution can be used stand-alone or fully integrated with DevonWay or third-party asset and quality management systems, ensuring a seamless experience for users.

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