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        Equipment Reliability

        Keep your mission-critical assets running at optimal performance

        Centralized, automated reliability management

        Ensuring equipment reliability can be a challenge if you’re collecting performance data from many different repositories. The manual nature of the process makes evaluating equipment health time-consuming and error prone. Asset-dependent businesses benefit greatly from a centralized system for measuring and improving equipment reliability.

        DevonWay Equipment Reliability serves as a central repository for all equipment health information. Integrate it directly with other DevonWay applications, or connect to any third-party system for a seamless user experience. The process of reporting on equipment performance data is entirely automated, so you can focus on improving asset performance instead of combing through various data silos to construct a unified view.

        Use data to improve

        A successful Equipment Reliability solution should keep you informed so that appropriate action (e.g. preventive maintenance) can be taken. With DevonWay, you can set up automatic alerts to trigger when certain thresholds have been crossed. Our best-in-class search and reporting capabilities allow you to quickly find the information you need in a sea of data. Plus, you can produce accurate, high-quality equipment health evaluations and share your insights with interested stakeholders in an easy-to-understand, graphical style.

        Top Benefits

        Drive continuous improvement through centralized asset management and tracking of reliability performance data

        Reduce unscheduled downtime with action tracking, automated equipment health reporting, and universal trending

        Promote reliability excellence by seamlessly integrating DevonWay Equipment Reliability with other critical processes

        Top Features

        Centralized Management

        Manage equipment performance goals and criteria in a central location for all your critical assets. Best-in-class in-memory search and reporting ensures users can find and manage equipment using any kind of criteria, regardless of the number of assets.

        Data Collection and Analysis

        Collect machine performance data for analysis by automated processes. Establish notification criteria and dashboards for real-time alerting and easy visualization of equipment performance.

        Integrated Workflows

        Equipment Reliability fits naturally within DevonWay’s workflow engine, so data collection, health reporting, and improvement actions are all a seamless part of a larger process.

        Equipment-Specific Metrics

        Each asset can have associated to it one or more of the appropriate equipment reliability metrics, such as Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF), Mean Time Between Repairs (MTBR), Mean Time to Repair (MTTR), Availability, Failure Rate, Probability of Failure, and more.

        Automated Health Reporting

        Where equipment reliability falls short, action tracking along with standardized and automated equipment health reporting drives recovery and improvement plans to reduce failures, unscheduled downtimes, and risk.

        Standalone or Integrated

        The DevonWay Equipment Reliability solution can be used standalone, natively integrated with DevonWay asset and quality management solutions, or integrated via DevonWay’s REST API with third-party systems, ensuring a seamless experience for users.

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