A Complete Feedback Loop

At many organizations, requirements management, auditing activities, and actions resulting from audit findings tend to live in separate systems, despite being highly interrelated parts of an effective continuous improvement strategy. The situation is worsened by the fact that the “system” many companies use for audit activities is paper or, at best, a Microsoft Word template. With the DevonWay Audits and Assessments solution, customers enable a fully integrated feedback loop by combining an all-in-one system to manage documentation, activities, and workflows with structured, yet flexible reporting.

Streamline Processes, Maintain Accuracy

DevonWay’s automated workflows allow for auditing processes to be executed as quickly as possible, without sacrificing the accuracy or depth of an audit. Support for multiple auditing and assessment activities reduces the costs that a change management process would incur trying to fit an organization’s processes into new software. With planning and reporting natively integrated with every DevonWay solution, reports from auditing and continuous improvement activities can be automatically created and tied directly to the activities. More importantly, with all auditing assessment activities mapped to compliance requirements within DevonWay’s system, quality and safety managers can trust that all stakeholders are aligned on the goals and findings associated with every audit and assessment.

Summary of Benefits

Ensure consistent compliance with assessment activities directly mapped to compliance requirements, corrective actions, and other key elements of an effective continuous improvement strategy

Reduce the need for change management through custom plans and reports combined with a natively integrated task workflow

Enable dependable and accessible record keeping with DevonWay’s built in Document Management system or by automatically pushing documents to your internal file repositoryexperience directly from the field

Audits and Assessments

Key Features

Multiple Activity Types

Use Audits and Assessments to support any type of internal or external assessment or audit activity such as Self Assessments, QA Audits, Management Assessments, Oversight Assessments, Surveillances, and more.

Streamlined Planning

Facilitate annual departmental planning activities by allowing departments to schedule all activities in a single screen. Specify lead personnel, start dates, requirement sources, and more. Automatically generate assessment activities and assign to assessment leaders for planning and execution.

Structured, Reportable Data

Capture assessment information and data in a searchable database instead of PDFs and Word files. Easily find and analyze assessment activities. Create custom reports and views of assessment data and information.

Custom Plan and Final Reports

Use your organization’s existing reports for various activities and display those reports on-screen. Encourage quick adoption by allowing managers to review and approve plans and final reports displayed in a familiar format. Electronically log acceptance or rejections of plans or final reports.

Compliance Requirements

Link assessment activities directly to their source requirements contained within DevonWay Compliance Tracking in order to achieve greater clarity into assessment drivers, historical compliance, past related activities, and more.

Quality Management

Generate condition reports, corrective actions, and employee suggestions directly from findings within assessment activities. Retain the linked source and identification method for issues for superior reportability and clarity into value added from assessment activities.

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