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        Management of Change

        Mitigate risks while ensuring compliance, consistency, and visibility

        Centralized Change Management

        DevonWay Management of Change helps you effectively and proactively manage risk and identify potential hazards of changes to procedures, contracts, regulations, equipment, and more. You can mitigate risks and ensure that quality, safety, and regulatory requirements are met while giving stakeholders the visibility they need. 

        DevonWay Management of Change consolidates document revisions, issues, assessments, risks, projects, associated forms, equipment, and other relevant information into a single environment. Workflows are configurable to your management of change (MOC) processes. You can easily produce audits and reports anytime with complete audit trails.

        Flexible and Scalable

        Authorized administrators have full control over their MOC program without requiring IT. They can customize review and approval routing lists, checklists, and change forms like engineering changes, equipment changes, and more. All reviews and approvals are specific to the type of change and are tracked with complete audit trails.

        DevonWay Management of Change can be part of an integrated EH&S, QMS, or Asset Management environment to streamline processes into one comprehensive application. And with DevonWay's usage-based pricing, you can easily scale without having to worry about fluctuating costs.

        Top Benefits

        Mitigate risk associated with change management by consolidating your processes into one comprehensive solution

        Ensure accountability through routing tasks, customized review and approval settings, and real-time alerts

        Save money with a pricing model that doesn’t charge per seat, allowing you to easily scale your processes

        Top Features

        Tracking of Change Details

        Track change description, justification, scope, impact, and other critical attributes for each change event. Or, add fields that are specific to different types of change, with business rules to make them visible and/or required at specific points in the change event’s lifecycle.

        Robust Template Support

        Different types of changes (e.g. engineering, facilities, equipment, etc.) might incorporate different review and approval routing lists and associated forms. Administrators can manage these change type templates and associated attributes independently, giving them full control over their MOC program without requiring IT or DevonWay support.

        Dynamic Change Routing Lists

        Change owners and key stakeholders have the ability to add additional routing tasks to their change record, and create any new approvals required to ensure full oversight and accountability is in place for every change.

        Process Integration

        Every change has the potential to affect new document revisions, condition reports, assessment activity, training requirements, and more. All of those workflows are managed within the originating change event, and processed either natively in DevonWay, or in a pre-existing third-party system of record.

        Real-Time Communication

        Changes impact different parts of the organization in different ways. As the change progresses through its phases, from initiation through closeout, dynamic alerts tailored to each impacted department ensure automated, efficient communication to help facilitate and coordinate execution of the change event.

        Enterprise-Wide Scalability

        Enterprise-wide pricing that does not change with the number of users means that you can involve the entire organization in your Management of Change program, without worrying about fluctuating costs or spending time going through time-consuming budgeting and procurement events.

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