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        Work Planning

        Improve productivity with advanced planning and scheduling

        Stay on task and within scope

        Any job-based organization knows that the best projects tend to start with the best plans. Without them, resources can be under- or over-allocated, and valuable time can be wasted negotiating scope increases mid-job or inaccurately forecasting scope. DevonWay’s Work Planning and Scheduling solution prevents these project killers from happening with a fully integrated platform that takes your job from scheduling resources, to assembling necessary documentation and instructions, to executing the work on mobile devices, and finally to the reporting and alerting functionality that’s critical to ensuring jobs stay on task, within scope, and on schedule.

        Flexible planning, scheduling, and work execution tools

        Support for recurring and non-recurring tasks creates maximum flexibility by allowing Work Planning and Scheduling to be an extension of what an organization already does, as opposed to trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. And mobile-first work execution capabilities allow a plan to be fully executed within the same system, with real-time data and feedback transmitted to interested stakeholders as tasks are completed.

        Top Benefits

        Minimize unnecessary repetitive tasks with template-based task creation as well as support for recurring and non-recurring tasks that ensure common workflows don’t have to start their planning from square one

        Reduce planning mistakes with support for native document management and scheduling, combined with a hierarchical work breakdown that prevents teams and individuals from moving on to the next task before the required preceding tasks are complete

        Operate and adjust rapidly with DevonWay’s Work Package solution, a mobile-first work execution tool that allows a plan to be put into action with real-time feedback to interested stakeholders

        Top Features

        Task Management

        Recurring scheduled tasks can be set to auto-generate periodically (for example, every 30 days, 3 months, or 2 years), which significantly reduces Planner workload for recurring and preventive maintenance (PM) tasks. Non-recurring tasks can also easily be created and resource-scheduled by authorized persons.

        Template-Based Task Creation

        Work tasks can be populated using model or historical work orders. This process copies over all necessary parts, permits, reference materials, procedures, controlled documents, engineering drawings, and any other required dependencies, greatly reducing the amount of time Planners take to fill out a package.

        Managed Work Dependencies

        Critical inputs such as permits or parts needed are fully managed within the Planning solution. Planners can allocate or reserve parts to confirm they are available before a work task is scheduled to be worked. Planners can also identify what permits are needed to execute the work safely, and initiate the applicable permits for review and approval.

        Hierarchical Work Breakdown

        Break down large jobs into several smaller, more manageable work tasks for distribution to many workers and/or crews while maintaining a hierarchical relationship to the larger project or task.

        Native or Integrated Scheduling

        Use the built-in DevonWay Scheduling functionality to assign resources to tasks, set durations, manage specific activity timelines, and track progress; or, integrate with a popular third-party scheduling tool, such as Oracle Primavera.

        Mobile-First Work Execution

        When combined with the DevonWay Mobile Work Package solution, planners can send a completed work task to a crew member, who can then check it out to a mobile device (iOS, Android, or Windows) for execution in the field, even while offline.

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