Remove Friction from the Permitting Process

Not all jobs are the same. When workers are exposed to hazards, whether environmental, industrial, or chemical, the proper safety precautions must be followed. Work permits ensure that risks are identified and mitigated ahead of time, so that work can proceed as safely as possible.

Unfortunately, many organizations still use paper-based work permits, which can be tedious to compile and impossible to certify that processes are followed correctly throughout the organization. With the fully digital and mobile DevonWay Work Permits, work-permit templates can be created, modified, and reused, and completed permits can be reported on and analyzed for compliance. So it's easier for workers to follow the right process safely and for management to ensure that the right processes are being followed.

Stay Current at all Times

Real-time updates from the mobile app to the server (when a network connection is available) ensure that process owners and management always know the state of work being executed. Additionally, configurable notifications and event-triggered alerts ensure that important events are automatically sent to stakeholders, without them having to log on to the system. Finally, easily modifiable permit templates mean that you can tune and adjust your process as experience or changing conditions demand, with the updated digital templates available immediately to upcoming work tasks.

Summary of Benefits

Eliminate paper with customizable templates that can be fully configured to your exact permitting process

Automate reviews and approvals with the full-featured DevonWay workflow engine

Continuously improve by analyzing completed permits and gathering operational experience directly from the field

System Health Report

Take Real-time updates from the mobile app to the server ensure that process owners and management always know the state of work being executed

Key Features

Permit Templates

Workflows can be pre-established for each permit type to ensure the needed approvals are properly obtained. Administrators can set up permit templates to speed up the creation of frequently used permits, as well as reduce the probability of errors due to inadvertent omissions.

Native Mobile Apps

Users can take permits to the job location with them using the offline-capable native DevonWay app (iOS, Android, or Windows). In addition, users can create a new permit directly from the app for any hazardous tasks that come up during job execution that were not anticipated during the planning process.

Contractor-Friendly Pricing

Fixed annual pricing for unlimited users means that you can incorporate contractors, suppliers, and other third parties into your Permit to Work program without worrying about fluctuating monthly charges.

Alerts & Notifications

Users can create automated notifications for selected permit authorizations to pre-determined individuals or groups. For example, management could receive an alert that a permit was approved, with a scheduled task. These notifications can be set up by the users themselves, without requiring IT.

Integrated Analytics

Permit data reports and execution metrics can be created by non-IT administrators and end users. Examples of reports that users can create include: how many permits, by type, are being written and executed; how long does the average permit approval take; and much more.

End-to-End Feedback Loop

The Work Permits solution can capture user-entered feedback and operating experience, so deficiencies and improvement opportunities can be rapidly and efficiently identified and addressed.

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