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        Pre-job Briefs

        Execute work safely every time

        Work safely and productively

        The pre-job brief is a fundamental human performance process that provides workers a checklist to review a job’s scope and identify critical steps, initial job safety assessments, job hazards, error-likely situations, and work protection features to make the job as safe and productive as possible.

        With DevonWay Pre-job Briefs, workers perform pre-job briefs on their mobile devices, whether online or offline. Pre-job briefs can be adjusted dynamically as situations dictate, and performance improvement opportunities can be identified and recorded.

        For pre-job briefs and job site inspections, there's a built-in signature capture for all crew members, including contractors, and stores those signatures as part of the permanent quality record.

        Incorporate Job Safety & Hazard Analysis

        DevonWay Pre-Job Briefs helps track the identification and assessment of EHS (Environmental Health & Safety) hazards, potential impacts and consequences, and the existing controls in place. Job Safety & Hazard Analysis (JSA/JHA) functionality includes:

        • Set up level 1 or level 2 JHAs by job or job step
        • Associate risk assessments with each job hazard
        • Re-use any JHA as a template for creating new JHAs
        • Reference and set up equipment isolation and verification sequences associated with the job
        • Manage required work permits depending on the job hazards
        • Automatically reference in required PPE depending on the job hazards
        • Publish job hazards and controls to work instructions for step-by-step execution on mobile devices

        DevonWay Pre-Job Briefs present related operating experience and lessons learned when using the JHA to service a pre-job briefing process to provide additional hazard insights. 

        Top Benefits

        Automated version control ensures the most recent version is always being used

        Minimal training requirements through the use of familiar mobile interfaces

        Hard cost savings by eliminating the copying, distribution, and filing of paper-based forms

        Top Features

        Multi-Platform Support

        Pre-job briefs can be performed either in a browser or on a mobile app. The app works both online and offline, so briefs can still be completed in field locations without internet access and will be automatically synced to the server when a network connection becomes available, resulting in a seamless user experience.

        Step Certification

        During the brief execution, users electronically certify that each list has been covered. Optionally, do not allow completion of the brief until all items have been electronically marked as complete improvement opportunities.

        Rich Content and Data Analytics

        Images, tables, signatures, and other elements can all be included as fields on a pre-job brief, ensuring users have all the flexibility they need to execute their work effectively. Data collected can then be analyzed using DevonWay’s ad hoc reporting and trending capabilities, providing valuable insight into improvement opportunities.

        Templates with Revision Control

        Partially filled out briefs can be set up as templates, making future use of those forms more streamlined and efficient. They are created and modified using an intuitive web-based UI that does not require IT skills, but still encourages proper checks and controls through a review and approval workflow prior to publication.

        Integrated Workflows

        Work can be performed in the field as a seamless part of a larger process that includes planning, review, validation, and other steps. This streamlines the entirety of a process, from initiation to closure. During the post-brief, users can quickly generate a new operating experience for wider organizational use and/or instantly initiate a revision to the brief itself.

        Configurable Forms

        Forms can be created to track every performance aspect of a job, such as job safety assessments, maintenance, hazards, and more. Forms can be completed using either the desktop browser UI or the DevonWay mobile app. They do not require IT skills to manage, giving program owners a user-driven tool to improve safety and productivity.

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