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      At Takeda, DevonWay software
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        Automate inventory management and reduce costs

        Have the right inventory in the right places at the right times

        Manage inventory to meet the operational and maintenance needs of your business with accurate, up-to-date inventory visibility. Minimize the occurrence of out-of-stock and overstocked inventory.

        DevonWay Inventory includes a Material Catalog of spare parts and consumables and tracks Stocking Levels for each catalog item, so you have the right number of the right parts. Material Reservations and Inventory Staging ensure that materials are available and ready when and where needed for work. Track materials and parts lifecycles from receipt, warehouse storage, installation location, and removal for retirement or disposal. Manage shelf life, storage environment, and storage maintenance, and ensure compliance with standards and regulations. Use mobile barcode-enabled devices for inventory issues, returns, and on-hand quantity counts.

        Improve oversight and reduce costs

        Get visibility and insight into inventory, even across multiple locations. Track and analyze inventory data such as on-hand stocking level changes, usage rates, cost, items under minimum stocking levels, and overall inventory value. Monitor supplier on–time delivery and cost competitiveness. Improve oversight and gain insight with automated notifications, trending, and both scheduled and ad hoc reports that business users create without IT.

        DevonWay Inventory is part of a comprehensive Enterprise Asset Management solution to manage asset performance, reduce maintenance costs, and improve process efficiency. DevonWay Inventory integrates with Procurement, Work Management, and your financial/accounting systems.

        Top Benefits

        Ensure the right parts are available for scheduled and emergent maintenance work

        Reduce costs of inventory and maintaining optimal inventory levels

        Improve oversight and performance with best-in-class search, reporting, and trending

        Monitor supplier on-time delivery and cost competitiveness

        Top Features

        Material Catalog

        A complete list of spare parts and consumables for operational and maintenance needs.

        Stocking Levels

        Maintain minimum and maximum stocking levels for catalog items with automatic reordering.

        Material Receipt and Traceability

        Track materials from receipt, warehouse storage, installation location, and removal.

        Material Reservation

        Allocate materials to work orders to guarantee availability.

        Inventory Staging

        Request that items are staged by warehouse personnel for upcoming work.

        In-Storage Maintenance

        Manage, monitor, and control material processes.

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