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        Shift Handover

        Digitize and automate information across shift changes or teams

        Eliminate manual data entry

        Plant operators need to communicate critical information verbally in the control room and through radio communication to field operators. Valuable information about changing plant or facility conditions, accidents and injuries, emergency conditions, events affecting equipment reliability, and more, are often manually documented in logbooks– creating siloed systems of record. 

        With DevonWay Shift Handover, you can log and track all your shift handover information such as operating parameters, staff information, event cause, and any other relevant data that you specify. Reduce manual data entry and improve record accuracy by automatically capturing events from your other processes. For example, a shift handover entry could trigger a condition report and send a notice to a specified person or team to take action immediately.

        Organization-wide visibility

        Because DevonWay charges based on usage rather than number of seats, the entire plant staff, if allowed, can easily access the information they need.

        Receive automated notifications of important shift handover entries immediately when an event occurs. Additionally, you can customize your dashboard to display high level views of things like recently created entries, actions coming due, etc. Drill-down into any shift handover entry to see the full details, workflow, and related items.

        Facilitate fast and easy data entry through configurable templates

        Increase productivity and minimize shift turnover risk

        Make data accessible across your organization

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