How it works

Report and respond quickly

All safety events need to be reviewed. DevonWay Accidents & Injury Reports ensures that the most important events receive the focus they require, depending on your business rules and regulations.

With DevonWay Accident & Injury Reports, workflows based on your business rules use a graded approach to responses by: 1) gathering the right level of detail at the right time, 2) assigning actions to the right individuals or teams, along with associated due dates, and 3) routing the record and its response to the appropriate levels of approval.

Take action on meaningful data

With in-memory search and ad hoc reporting, deriving insights from your data has never been easier. Discover possible accident and injury trends at different locations or under a variety of categories, such as personal protection equipment (PPE), lacerations, or avoidable vehicle accidents.

With these insights, you can get more details and effect change by monitoring behavior through your observation program or by performing a root cause evaluation through your corrective action program. Native integration of these applications makes it even easier to tie these records together for an in-depth and comprehensive response.


Safety pyramid report

The solution generates safety pyramid reports and gives you the ability to filter the criteria on any field.

OSHA reporting

OSHA 300 and 301 reports are automatically generated directly from the system to help maintain compliance.

Optional supplemental forms

Have the option to turn supplemental forms (i.e. bodily injury, claim, etc.) into searchable, reportable online forms.

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