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        Document Management

        Control your documents - and keep them accessible and searchable

        Document control for regulated organizations

        For organizations in highly regulated industries, it's critical that the right people have immediate access to up-to-date documentation they need to get their work done safely and to comply with regulations, contracts, company standards, and best practices.

        DevonWay Document Management enables organizations to collaboratively create, edit, review, and distribute documents and revisions. Review-and-approve workflows prevent documents and revision from being published prematurely. Search is super fast, and you control who can see what to ensure the appropriate level of visibility to stakeholders based on role and authority levels. DevonWay Document Management is a single, secure platform that can be your system of record or integrate with existing repositories.

        Top Benefits

        Maximize transparency for all stakeholders with revision tracking, role/authority-based access, and integration with other DevonWay products, creating a continuous feedback loop

        Ensure accuracy that employees use correct, up-to-date information: Change-request notifications and review-and-approve workflows prevent a document or revision from being published prematurely

        Maintain compliance with document change analytics that give a quick, empirical view on the status of documents being changed, allowing for easier reporting to oversight groups

        Top Features

        Support for Multiple Formats

        Excel, Word, JPEG, and many other file types are automatically converted to PDF when uploaded into the system. The originals are retained and indexed by a full-text search engine for instant retrieval. When paired with the DevonWay mobile app, workers in the field can annotate and use uploaded documents to guide their work.

        Revision Tracking

        Manage the processes for document authoring, review, and approval according to the document type or specific document workflows tailored to organizational needs. Maintain document revisions without having to overwrite or permanently alter the previously approved document.

        Document Analytics

        Document change data reports and process metrics can be established by end users without IT support. Reports (e.g. how many documents have not been revised in designated time periods, what percentage of document revisions are not approved, etc.) can be used to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the document management process.

        Automatic PDF Conversion

        Documents are automatically converted to PDF and stored alongside the document in its original/native file type. In addition, uploaded documents are searchable through the full-text search functionality. You can also tag documents with multiple keywords, which are then instantly available through the in-memory search engine.

        Continuous Improvement

        Combined with Compliance Tracking, important document types (procedures, guides, manuals, etc.) can be connected to contractual obligations that impact document content. Integration with Corrective and Preventive Actions allows for linking and reopening a document for review when it is found to have been the source of an issue.

        Design Change Notices

        DevonWay Document Management provides a process for notification, tracking, and controlling Document, Drawing, and Design Change Notices (DCNs) so individuals who are using a drawing or document with a DCN notification can review it to determine if it affects their use.

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