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        Employee Safety Tracking

        Be proactive about employee safety

        Know who’s at risk

        Weather, natural disasters, and pandemics can put everyone in your organization at risk.

        With DevonWay Employee Safety Tracking, you can track which employees are in what locations and their level of risk, so you can proactively assist those who are likely to need help, and block non-essential travel to dangerous areas.

        Advisory-specific templates drive questions that employees can answer directly from their mobile devices to determine their risk level if they are in an area with an active advisory.

        React quickly to changing events

        Disasters develop and evolve rapidly, and DevonWay Employee Safety Tracking enables you to react immediately. DevonWay Employee Safety Tracking interfaces with frequently updated data sources (for example, the Johns Hopkins Center for COVID-19 data) and updates employees’ travel itineraries with advisory updates based on their locations.

        Moreover, authorized business users can set up travel advisories, even for highly localized events (such as tornadoes) without involving IT.

        Top Benefits

        Improve safety and reduce risk with oversight processes to ensure that only essential travel occurs to areas with advisories

        Receive real-time updates through automated notifications for employees impacted by new or changing travel advisories

        Be agile and responsive to changing conditions, like vaccine and testing mandates; set up and manage your own advisories, without IT

        Top Features

        Global, Accurate Location Data

        The DevonWay Locations database contains up-to-date GeoNames data for nearly 80,000 global locations, ensuring that employees will always be able to select the area to which they’re traveling.

        Self-service Advisories

        Admins can set up advisories for any kind of disaster, from global pandemics like COVID-19 to localized weather events like hurricanes. Employees can create and manage their own travel plans, even if that just involves self-reporting that they’re working from home during an extended period of time.

        Automated Notifications

        Whether employees are just filling out a travel itinerary, or an event occurs in an area where employees are already located, the system will automatically generate notifications to ensure safety directors, management, and/or the employees’ supervisors know about the situation.

        Approval for Risky Travel

        Limit travel to risky areas by ensuring that travel itineraries go through an approval step in the workflow, so that only essential travel occurs to locations with active advisories.

        Mobile Check-Ins

        Let employees easily report their location while on business travel by using the DevonWay mobile app’s geolocation feature to “check in” to a job site.

        Safety Check-ins

        Employees traveling to a location with an advisory can run through an admin-configurable list of questions and useful reference materials to ensure they follow official guidelines to keep them as safe as possible during high-risk scenarios.

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