Automate and Scale

DevonWay Non-Conformance Reports (NCR) allows you to capture and manage all non-conformance issues related to equipment, components, and technical specifications in a central location. Administer your own workflow settings without involving IT so that issues get routed appropriately – for example, you can route items to materials review boards or similar workgroups and include QA or supply chain management in the disposition of NCRs. Unify Non-Conformance Reports with other DevonWay applications or use our open REST API to connect seamlessly to your existing processes. And with a usage-based pricing model, you can easily scale as your business and processes grow.

Get Actionable Results

With DevonWay, process owners can easily create sophisticated reports and apply custom deficiency codes for trend analysis. Managers can set up alerts to trigger automatically when certain thresholds have been crossed (e.g. Defective Parts Per Million, or DPPM, reaches 25,000) – so the right people are engaged at the right time. In addition, they can assign follow-up actions from a non-conformance and monitor those actions through to completion, ensuring that the added level of awareness leads to real results.

Summary of Benefits

Maintain accurate, up-to-date information by combining all NCR-related process flows and data into a single solution

Achieve process excellence with a flexible system that ties seamlessly to related processes such as inspections, corrective actions, audits, etc.

Improve quality and oversight with real-time analytics dashboards, built-in search and reporting, and trigger-based alerts

Non-Conformance Reports

Maintain accurate, up-to-date information by combining all NCR-related process flows and data into a single solution.

Key Features

Configurable Integrations

Fully configurable workflow and native integrations with other DevonWay modules means that the NCR process can be managed as part of your overall quality program, as a completely separate process, or as a hybrid of the two, where the two programs connect based on specific conditions or workflow steps.

User-definable Notifications

Users can set up their own trigger-based notifications to be notified automatically when individual NCRs or groups of NCRs cross predefined alerting thresholds, such as an unusually large number of NCRs related to equipment provided by a specific supplier.

Ad-hoc, Real-time Analytics

Without involving IT, program owners can create their own ad hoc reports and trends to analyze NCR attribute data for process gaps and opportunities for upstream productivity. Moreover, statistical process control algorithms built into the trending functionality ensure that deviations are identified and alerted on as soon as they happen.

Mobile Reporting

The native iOS, Android, and Windows apps can be used to initiate NCRs in the field, even when the mobile device is not connected to a network. Users can add images to the NCR, use text-to-speech to add details about the discrepancy in their own words, capture the non-conformant equipment using barcode scanning technology, and more.

Record Archiving

Completed NCRs are managed to meet business retention and regulatory requirements. Upon NCR closeout, the system can automatically create archive-quality NCR records and electronically transmit them to the designated repository for long-term storage.

Full View of Supplier Data

When optionally integrated with the DevonWay Supplier Management and Audit & Assessment solutions, customers gain a complete view of supplier information and past performance.

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