Comply with Environmental Regulations

Compliance with environmental regulations is particularly challenging due to the many layers of rules that vary by region and the vast amount of environmental data to collect, often from multiple sources. DevonWay Sustainability Management consolidates your sustainability compliance processes into an all-in-one solution. It not only tracks your emissions and waste data, but also identifies potential risks and violations, enabling you to meet and exceed corporate standards and regulations.

Get Insights and Take Action to Improve

With DevonWay Sustainability Management, non-technical users can customize their dashboards, perform searches, and create sophisticated reports to get the insights they need in seconds. Business Intelligence features make it easy to run and distribute reports through automated alerts, so you can uncover patterns to help you improve sustainability performance. And with built-in Universal Trending, anyone can run trend reports against any discrete value – so you can quickly spot red flags.

Summary of Benefits

Meet and exceed environmental standards and regulations including those that vary by region

Simplify collection and management of environmental data by combining related process flows and data sources into a single solution

Improve sustainability performance with real-time analytics dashboards and built-in reporting that reveal where to improve

Increase visibility and insights with a comprehensive emissions profile

Key Features

Complete Emissions Profile

Get a comprehensive overview of your greenhouse gas emissions profile. Drill down into the details to understand the risk involved with potential liability.

User-Friendly Reporting

Define sustainability goals, create reports, and analyze data without having to navigate multiple systems or get help from BI analysts.

Built-in GHG Emission Tools

Enter direct consumption/usage values for each GHG source and let DevonWay convert those values to GHG Emissions using EPA published emission factors.

GRI and GHG Protocol

Follow Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) standards for sustainability reporting and Green House Gas (GHG) protocol standards by organizing business activity into three scopes: direct emissions, purchased electricity, and indirect/other.

Performance Improvement

Configure your own workflow settings without code to fit your process – from generating, managing, and qualifying sustainability improvement ideas, to initiating a cost/benefit analysis and executing the ideas.

Process Integration

Link specific sustainability metrics to other DevonWay modules such as Departmental Greenhouse Gas Evaluations, Activity Risk Evaluations, Corrective Actions, or other improvement initiatives to better manage and understand the activities surrounding your Sustainability program.

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