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        Chemical Management

        Comply, simplify, and ensure safety

        Comply with complex regulations

        Chemical management requires careful tracking, safe handling, reporting, and compliance with regulations to secure the safety of your workforce. Not only do you have to track, label, and manage the storage, use, and disposal of dangerous chemicals, you need to do so for their ingredients. In the US, you must comply with OSHA’s Hazard Communication regulation (the #2 most commonly violated OSHA reg); in Canada it’s the Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS); and globally it’s the Globally Harmonized System for Hazard Communication (GHS). Furthermore, you need to adhere to regulations from regional, state, federal, and international authorities and report to each of them.

        In many organizations, it’s not even possible to do all that without a comprehensive Chemical Management Solution like DevonWay Chemical Management.

        Protect worker health and safety

        DevonWay Chemical Management helps you avoid incidents and violations with Safety Data Sheet (SDS) management and access on mobile devices, online and off, to meet Right-to-Know (RTK) requirements. You can manage your chemical inventory by geo-location, container, facility, department, and storage level, and check quantities against hazards databases. DevonWay Chemical Management provides chemical inventory analysis and reporting, chemical spill management, hazard communications and labelling, and chemical compliance reporting to all relevant authorities. DevonWay Chemical Management integrates with other DevonWay EHS products (for example, for employee training and preparedness) as well as your existing systems.

        Top Benefits

        Ensure regulatory compliance and automate reporting for regulatory authorities

        Understand and manage chemical risks across locations and departments

        Per-usage (not per-user) pricing so all workers get access without additional charges

        Meet Hazard Communication requirements and standards (OSHA, WHMIS, GHS)

        Top Features

        Safety Data Sheets

        Create and manage SDSs and give access through iOS, Windows, and Android apps online and off.


        Manage and create labels for chemicals and their ingredients.

        Inventory Control

        Manage at the geo-location, container, facility, department, and storage levels.

        Regulatory Reporting

        Automate compliance tracking and reporting to multiple authorities.

        Hazard Management

        Track, search, and report on health and physical hazards.

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