Increase Transparency

When observations, inspections, actions, and assignments live in siloed systems, it's nearly impossible to gain insight into trends and make major improvements toward operational excellence and improved safety.

With DevonWay Inspections, everyone from the inspector, to the manager, and every stakeholder in between has visibility (as allowed by the organization) into the inspection process and its outcomes. That transparency helps to communicate management expectations and highlight areas for improvement that may have otherwise gone unnoticed. Additionally, through configurable inspection activity types, organizations don’t have to try to fit into an inspection process that does not align with their business needs.

Align Inspections to How You Do Business

Many times, inspections are performed based on generic industry templates that may or may not be most appropriate for your business. This forces process owners to fall back on Word, Excel, or homegrown systems that don't scale and hinder data-driven decisions.

DevonWay Inspections enables operational flexibility with configurable templates that support unlimited variations of inspections. Additionally, native integration with Corrective and Preventive Actions means that inspections lead to actionable results quickly and efficiently.

Summary of Benefits

Streamline your work by allowing users to conduct inspections from a single controlled location using previously saved templates as a starting point

Get real-time intelligence with automatic notifications and alerts that trigger at specific steps in the workflow or under specific conditions

Enable closed-loop quality management through native integration with corrective actions, employee suggestions, and more – directly from inspection activities


With DevonWay’s Inspections solution, everyone from the inspector, to the manager, to every stakeholder in between has visibility (as allowed by the organization) into the inspection process and its outcome

Key Features

Full Transparency

Ad hoc reporting lets interested stakeholders stay automatically aware of the status of ongoing inspections, as well as search across the entire database of historical inspections using the in-memory search engine. Emails are automatically sent when an inspection is submitted, summarizing its results to the appropriate parties.

Mobile and Web Support

Inspections can be completed either in the desktop browser interface or through the native DevonWay mobile app (iOS, Android, and Windows 10). The easy-to-use mobile app supports both tablet and smartphone data entry, as well as native app features such as offline use, photo capture, speech-to-text, and geolocation.

Admin-controlled Templates

Use DevonWay Inspections to support any type of inspection activity, such as equipment inspections, inventories, drill exercises, external peer reviews, compliance checks, and more. Templates are completely customizable by your administrators without requiring IT or DevonWay technical support.

Quality Management

Generate corrective actions, employee suggestions, and more, directly from
inspection activities. Retain the linked source and identification method for issues for superior reportability and clarity.

Photos and Comments

Users can associate tags, comments, and even photos with individual inspection line items, minimizing the level of effort later needed to map deficiencies to objective evidence that the inspector captures or records.

Record Retention

If required, especially in regulated environments, archive-quality PDFs are automatically generated and stored in the DevonWay system or a third-party records repository for long-term retention.

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