Organization-wide Participation

Corrective and Preventive Actions are at the center of any complete Quality Management System. They can stem from incidents, nonconformances, inspections, audits, complaints, observations, and more – involving many different stakeholders across various processes. An effective CAPA solution must promote organization-wide participation for those who may need to submit issues, investigate causes, or extract data.

DevonWay Corrective and Preventive Actions provides a closed-loop continuous improvement solution that empowers everyone from the field to the office to participate in the process. The desktop browser application uses familiar UI metaphors that are easy to use, minimizing training and change management. The DevonWay mobile app has an intuitive interface that allows users to capture issues on the spot without a network connection, and includes activity streams that gets users information they need in real-time. Supervisors can set up trigger-based alerts and ad-hoc reports to keep defined stakeholders informed. And with a usage-based pricing model, you have the flexibility to scale as needed.

Tailor to Your Needs

Every CAPA process is different – for example, your business may or may not require an in-depth root-cause analysis. With DevonWay Corrective and Preventive Actions, our team can tailor the workflow to your unique business rules without having to write code, so you can get up and running as fast as possible. Change management is made easy with constant platform updates and with backwards compatibility, so you can ensure your system always works for you as your processes evolve.

Summary of Benefits

Ensure ease-of-use and data accuracy by connecting CAPA to your other processes for closed-loop quality management

Full traceability of issues and nonconformances with ad-hoc search and reporting and built-in universal trending

Meet all your compliance requirements with configurable support for all your important process workflows

Corrective and Preventive Actions

“This software had been developed to meet every need of a Corrective Action Program and continues to evolve and improve. The versatility to customize it to meet specific project needs is quite impressive.”

– Jill, CAS Senior Specialist

Key Features

Single Point of Entry

Issue originators can fill out a short dynamic survey during the CAPA initiation process to ensure a single point of entry for routing issues to the appropriate workflow.


You can associate multiple codes to a condition report from your organization’s trend code library (i.e. event, activity, cause) at appropriate points of the workflow.

Native Mobile Apps

With their iPhone, Android, or Windows mobile device, users can report new incidents and managers can stay informed with a real-time incident stream of important, relevant issues.

User-Friendly Reporting

Manage your work, create reports, and analyze data without having to navigate to multiple systems, wait for a data warehouse to be refreshed, or get help from BI analysts.

8D Process

Use the Eight Disciplines of Problem Solving (8D) cause investigation module integrated with DevonWay CAPA or integrate a different investigation process to your CAPA workflow.

Due Date Extensions

Due date extension requests are managed within the system with the capability to escalate through different management levels for each subsequent extension request.

Effectiveness Reviews

Effectiveness reviews are built into the CAPA workflow to ensure corrective actions are adding value without putting unnecessary burden on staff, and condition reports can be directly associated with other DevonWay modules such as observations, audits, suppliers, non-conformances, inspections, and more.

Configurable Workflow

Administer your own workflow settings for different types of condition reports and various significance levels without having to modify the underlying configuration. Tasks are routed to responsible individuals or teams based on your business rules.

Flexible Causal Analysis Options

Add a 5-why process to your DevonWay CAPA program without having to invest in or train analysts on multiple tools. Optionally integrate with DevonWay API partners like TapRoot and Sologic for full-featured, in-depth causal analysis capabilities.

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