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        Gain visibility and control over spend

        Control spending and ensure compliance

        Say goodbye to manual tracking, slow approvals, lost documents, and maintaining multiple spreadsheets and paper forms. Use DevonWay Purchasing to create, manage, and control your Approved Suppliers List (ASL), Purchase Requisitions (PR), Requests for Information (RFIs), Requests for Quote/Proposal (RFQ/RFP), and materials and services Purchase Orders (POs). Use configurable workflows to automate processing of supplier invoice approvals for payment, ensure correct account numbers are applied to each purchase, and automatically match orders and invoicing for payment authorization.

        Prevent employees from ordering before the correct approvals are in place and from buying from unlisted vendors. DevonWay Purchasing’s configurable workflows ensure that purchases comply with regulations and policies, such as: (1) Selected suppliers are approved and active in the Approved Suppliers List (ASL). (2) Materials or services to be purchased are budgeted. (3) Technical reviews are completed and specifications provided to vendors when necessary. (4) Approvals are obtained as defined by company policies and standards.

        Reduce costs and improve oversight

        Automated notifications, trending, and ad hoc reports (that business users create without IT) provide oversight and insight into how materials and services funds are spent, and can be summarized by quality level, requestor, vendor, material, service, and much more. With this powerful reporting capability, users can easily detect opportunities for savings, such as combining multiple orders into fewer bulk purchases.

        Integrate with your existing systems, such as your financial/accounting system, and other DevonWay modules, such as Inventory, Work Management, and Personnel, to gain additional reporting and oversight. Track overall process time for purchase completion from one source of record. DevonWay Purchasing is available hosted in the cloud or on-premise.

        Top Benefits

        Speed procure-to-pay processes and with automatic workflows that manage approvals

        Identify anomalies and opportunities with best-in-class search, reporting, and trending

        Choose the best vendors based on order-to-delivery times, prices, and quality

        Top Features

        Automated Workflows

        Speed approval and processing time with configurable workflows that ensure your standards and processes are followed.

        Vendor Audits

        Integrate with DevonWay Audits and Assessments to initiate, schedule, perform, and document vendor audits before placing vendors on your Approved Supplier List.

        Invoicing and Payments

        Execute and monitor invoices and payments within DevonWay Purchasing, or integrate DevonWay Purchasing with your invoices and payments system.

        Simplified Requisitions

        DevonWay Purchasing workflows guide employees through the selection of the best vendor(s) for their need, based on prices and other gathered information.

        Requests & Approvals Anywhere

        Using mobile devices, online or off, technicians can initiate purchasing requisitions from job sites and supervisors can execute approval requests and review purchasing notices, wherever they are.

        Ensure Contract Compliance

        Make sure you receive negotiated discounts and terms by automating contract enforcement at time of purchase. Plus easily find and access vendor contracts with full-text keyword searching.

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