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Two New Things To Know About Mobile: Activity Streams and QR Code Cards

Two New Things To Know About Mobile: Activity Streams and QR Code Cards

February 15, 2019 | Jordan Smallwood

We recently released an awesome new feature on mobile called Activity Streams, which are basically a real-time feed of data in your system. The canonical use case we had in mind when we designed the feature was to show mobile Observations users a streaming list of observations as they were being made, which would then inform which behaviors they should focus on observing. 

From there, you can share or view the details of the underlying data. 

The really good news, though, is that we built the feature in such a way as to let you create an activity stream for virtually any data in your system – newly identified high-severity incidents, good catches, quality alerts, etc. Setting up an activity stream can be as little as a few hours of work, so if you want to learn more about how to do this or just brainstorm some ideas, please contact us. 

Secondly, if you want to get more users to start using the DevonWay mobile app, we’re here to help. Every implementation has its own unique QR code that can be used to streamline the app setup process, and we’re happy to print these on a heavy-stock card with instructions at no cost to you. Just let us know how many you would like, and where to ship them, and we’ll get them to you ASAP! 

If you ever have any product suggestions/concerns, or notice some bugs, our team would love to hear from you! Simply click “Feedback” on the menu in the upper right hand corner of your DevonWay screen and you can submit any idea you may have to improve the software.

Our team is always receptive to building the best product for our customers. 

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