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        Top 4 Ways the 1980s TV Remote is Like a Modern Workflow Solution

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        How awesome was the universal remote control back in the day? Seriously! TV, cable, VCR, stereo all controlled by one device in the palm of your hand. No more bouncing between remotes, finding different sizes of batteries or digging into the couch to hit rewind. It made TV watching easy. And glorious.

        That functionality begat an industrial revolution still alive and well today – as large enterprises see great value by combining processes.

        Top 4 Ways the 1980’s TV remote is like a modern Workflow Solution

        1. Simplified User Experience

        Like watching TGIF (and recording for re-watching), users expect a high degree of quality. But at the end of a long week, we need it to be simple to execute! Sit back, turn on the cable box, the TV and the VCR, and let Erkel take you to your happy place!

        Teams responsible for submitting actions, observations and improvement ideas need a similar simple and smooth user experience.

        Say you decide to connect your Corrective and Preventive Actions (CAPA) module with your Safety Observations module. Users can initiate actions directly from an observation, where details are automatically copied over, saving them lots of time and effort.

        “Did I do that?”

        Yes. Yes, you did.

        2. Better Insights

        Just as the remote control allowed us to dig into the neon-colored-loving portions of our soul, a simplified user experience lights the way for a higher volume of activity for trending and reporting. The tighter integration leads to more intuitive modules, allowing users to set up intricate rules and discover new information that would normally be lost without that connection. And who can imagine a world where we can’t jam to our favorite MTV video by while turning up the volume on our stereo?

        3. Connectivity

        You’re watching TV on one channel, recording a show on another channel, and when a commercial comes on, you click over to your stereo and jam! You are connected – beyond your wildest dreams.

        And when it comes to the CAPA/Observations connection, users can filter on trend codes to see how observation ratings correlate with significant events, or how observation quantity and quality impact CAP performance metrics.

        It all works together. And it’s totally gnarly.

        4. Efficiencies

        Ultimately, whether we’re combining processes or remote controls, it’s all about doing more with less. Our systems need to speak to each other in order to maximize their potential and to simplify the experience. Saving time and resources are secondary (though obvious) benefits, and anything that carries that degree of value is certainly worth a click.

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