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        DevonWay Partners with Rombit to Reduce Incidents with Real-Time Worker Safety Analytics

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        We're excited to announce our partnership with Rombit, a rising firm in the industrial wearables and real-time risk management space.

        Together, Rombit and DevonWay provide a means for taking immediate action on incidents and preventing future occurrences – all on a unified platform that integrates with related safety, quality, and asset management processes. 

        ”Of the many use cases Rombit’s exciting technology enables, one of the most exciting is that we will now collect data that went unreported before, such as near misses,” said Chris Moustakas, DevonWay’s CEO. “Even if the incident isn’t immediately actionable, collecting that data means we can trend it over time and identify areas and processes that cause safety gaps – before an injury, or worse, occurs.”

        The integration enables customers to capture real-time information in the workplace through the Rombit wearable devices, then engage appropriate individuals or teams for analysis, action, and trending through DevonWay. Some of the use cases include lone worker alerts, work order geofences, near misses with heavy equipment, and ensuring workers have the appropriate skills and credentials when entering a restricted area.

        “Industry expertise in worker safety is a critical factor of consideration as we continue to build out our global partner ecosystem,” said David Lambacher, President at Rombit North-America. “DevonWay’s strong presence in high-risk industries where safety is a top priority shows that the software is a perfect fit for our platform.” 

        View the press release on PR Newswire.

        About DevonWay

        DevonWay software for Asset, Work, Quality, and Safety Management enables regulated, high-risk, and complex organizations to operate more efficiently and safely. Available in the cloud or on premise, DevonWay products collect, manage workflows for, analyze, and report on operational data while ensuring compliance to regulations and standards. Combining out-of-the-box production readiness with no-code configurability, DevonWay products meet customers' unique requirements with enterprise-grade security and scalability. For more information, please visit

        About Rombit

        Rombit reduces operational expenses through out-of-the-box safety, productivity and sustainability solutions. Rombit’s IoT and digital coaching products both prevent, analyze and report events, generated by workers and assets in multimodal logistics, energy, construction, manufacturing and other heavy industries. Rombit’s IoT platform supports easy integration with other software and with customers' existing systems and processes. Rombit’s industry expertise makes for very compelling EMV and cost-benefit calculations. For more information, please visit