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        DevonWay University

        Note: All courses are 1 full day.

        1000 — DevonWay User

        All DevonWay deployments feature a standard dashboard, search functionality, and reporting and notification capabilities. These courses focus on these features, ensuring users understand how to find and report on the information important to them.

        • Course 1010 – User: Dashboard, Searching, and Reporting
          • Run searches against the in-memory database using keywords, field-specific criteria, or both
          • Filter by dates, numbers, statuses, assignees, and other attributes
          • Display your results in List, Grid, or Calendar view
          • Edit multiple items at once
          • Export to Excel, PDF, or Zip
          • Create ad hoc charts, reports, and pivot tables
          • Share your searches and reports with others
          • Customize and publish live tiles on your dashboard
          • Create notifications to email your results using schedules and triggers you specify
          • Course level: Beginner
        • Course 1020 – User: Advanced Business Intelligence
          • Build complex reports based on your data (please be prepared with any reports you want to create)
          • Set up chart attributes and custom filter expressions
          • Report on child-level data
          • Customize chart colors, labels, backgrounds, and other attributes
          • Course level: Advanced
        • Course 1021 – User: BI Calculated Fields and Measures
          • Learn the difference between a calculated field and a calculated measure
          • Understand the various types of functions involved (Case, If, Concatenate, Elapsed Days)
          • Implement calculated fields and measures
          • Course level: Advanced
        • Course 1030 – User: Trending
          • Learn what the various types of trend profiles are
          • Create trend profiles
          • Create trend reports
          • Set up notifications to automatically send trend reports
          • Course level: Intermediate

        2000 — DevonWay Administrator

        DevonWay Administrators are key to successful deployments. Administrators manage users, teams, shared tiles, and are sought after experts within their organization for front-line support. The following courses focus on enhancing skills fundamental to the administration of DevonWay applications.

        • Course 2010 – Administrator: Fundamentals
          • Manage persons and teams
          • Define an organizational hierarchy for your data
          • Publish tiles to groups of users
          • Customize your login page and other environmental preferences
          • Implement security features like minimum password requirements and session timeouts
          • Use SQL to export data to Excel
          • Import data from spreadsheets
          • File bugs and enhancement ideas using TrakWay
          • Course level: Intermediate
        • Course 2020 – Administrator: Partnering with DevonWay
          • Understand how the DevonWay platform can be configured to meet your company’s current and long-term needs
          • Gain insight into DevonWay’s current and future capabilities
          • Learn about DevonWay design decisions, SQA process, and best practices
          • Learn how to take advantage of training documentation and support
          • Course level: Intermediate

        3000 — Module Administration (YourWay)

        To maintain and enhance your DevonWay applications, we offer the following courses to teach administrators how to make simple modifications to YourWay modules.

        • Course 3010 – Module Builder: Application/Module Basics
          • Gain a high-level understanding of the various components of a module
          • Understand how modules interact and share information
          • Learn the capabilities of Module Builder
          • Learn how to gather the requirements necessary to build a module
          • Course level: Intermediate to Advanced
        • Course 3020 – Module Builder: No-Coding-Required Changes
          • Learn how to make minor modifications to hover help, field labels, instructions, messages, and field search properties
          • Learn about the use of Build, Test, and UAT
          • Course level: Intermediate to Advanced

        4000 — Module Development (YourWay)

        These courses have been created for the more technically advanced administrators that are interested in developing their own rules-driven, workflow-aware solutions using YourWay. In addition to administrators, this course could also be attended by customer IT professionals skilled in application development. A Module Developer license is required when user-designed modules are used in production.

        • Course 4010 – Module Developer: Fundamentals
          • Learn the process of developing and updating modules
          • Understand how to use reference fields and the search index
          • Understand the different administrative screens, roles, reporting authorities, and troubleshooting tools
          • Course level: Advanced
        • Course 4020 – Module Developer: Advanced Topics
          • Learn best practices for using Build, Test, UAT, and importing and exporting modules
          • Gain an understanding of advanced module behaviors such as batch processing, calculation options, and dashboard nodes.
          • Learn about the various types of interfaces and how to configure them
          • Course level: Advanced


        The $895 per student, per day cost includes facility expenses, lunch, and DevonWay travel and expenses within the United States.

        Group Discounts

        • 2 students: 10%
        • 3 – 5 students: 20%
        • 6 – 10 students: 30%
        • 11 – 20 students: 40%

        All DevonWay University courses are also available via Virtual Classroom or On-Site.