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        Power of Partnerships Part 1: Compliance & Regulations

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        For high-risk, highly regulated organizations, compliance is always top of mind – yet with laws and regulations constantly changing, meeting compliance standards can feel disorganized and difficult to understand.

        Luckily, you don’t have to figure it out on your own. Ideagen DevonWay is proud to partner with a range of third-party companies that are focused on supporting organizations stay up-to-date and inline with regulations. With a clear guide to compliance, your organization can reduce costs, risks, response time, and stress – so you can worry less about meeting compliance and focus on your organization’s mission and work at hand. 

        The importance of meeting compliance

        From biotech to construction to aerospace and more, highly regulated organizations are required to meet a variety of compliance standards to lawfully operate. And meeting compliance is more than just checking a box and moving on. It’s an ongoing process, which includes: 

        • Understanding what laws and regulations apply to the business and staying on top of and in compliance with those changes. 
        • Maintaining up-to-date permits and other requirements to stay compliant.
        • Putting KPIs in place to track and measure effectiveness. 

        Compliance regulations come from a range of organizations and entities, some of which include the DOE, NERC, FERC, DOT, DOD, and NRC. Every organization has different standards to comply with, both locally, nationally, and even internationally depending on their work.

        No matter how tedious the process may feel to meet compliance, the risk of not meeting these requirements is detrimental to any organization. Noncompliant businesses are at risk of financial penalties, lost contracts, security breaches, damage to their reputation and more. 

        Find the right partners to support

        Take the guesswork out of compliance with Ideagen DevonWay and its trusted partners. Through our configurable software, we are able to integrate the best of the industry directly within our products, so customers can access the help they need to stay in compliance. 

        Our partners are built around monitoring and thoroughly understanding the latest compliance measures and requirements. Those requirements are then integrated into Ideagen DevonWay’s configurable software, so customers always know what is required to stay in compliance. 

        Among our compliance partners are three trusted companies: 


        Enhesa is the leading provider of regulatory and sustainability intelligence worldwide. As a trusted partner, we empower the global business community with the insight to act today and prepare for tomorrow to create a more sustainable future – positively impacting our environment, our health, our safety, and our future. Navigating the fast-changing compliance and sustainability landscapes, we help them understand not just what they should do (first), but also how to do it. Both in their unique business and anywhere in the world. Now and in the future. Website:

        The Belgian-based Enhesa recently acquired Regscan to support global regulations, including compliance set by the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) and the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC).

        ERM Libryo

        ERM Libryo identifies the EHS legal requirements for each of your business operations at a local, municipal and national level. This legal data is compiled into a custom, automatically updated legal register ensuring you always have the latest compliance information at your fingertips. It’s also easy to stay up-to-date with your compliance to-do list with its latest actions module, enabling you to create notify and track compliance-related tasks or even see suggested tasks using Libryo AI. The platform is great for anyone who needs to know their legal requirements and action compliance, particularly:

        •     Compliance, risk or legal professionals
        •     EHS managers
        •     General counsel
        •     Sustainability managers

        ERM Libryo is "Reimagining how to know the law" as it says on their website and believe that:

        “A sustainable future starts with knowing the regulations that promote sustainability. This is how Libryo began and what it’s about today. We want to standardize the world’s regulation and make it accessible, minimizing risk and helping businesses operate more efficiently and responsibly.

        Since 2016, Libryo has helped thousands of users achieve and sustain compliance in a faster, easier and cost-effective way.”

        STP Compliance EHS

        STP Compliance EHS has been a trusted ally of EHS and ESG leaders across the globe, offering unparalleled content and partnership for top-tier audit and compliance management programs. Specializing in providing our customers tailored auditable requirements complimented with access to our full-text library of content and compliance monitoring applicable to their desired scope, STP creates an information portal to help companies with proactive and continuous compliance management. STP’s ESG RegAlert service keeps our customers updated on changes to key ESG Frameworks and country-specific regulatory requirements.

        Solutions are offered worldwide through a cloud-based platform, ensuring compliance visibility, transparency, and reporting are ready at your fingertips. 

        The power of compliance technology, built right into Ideagen DevonWay 

        Thanks to our established partnerships, Ideagen DevonWay is able to integrate the power of these partners’ technology directly into our software. Through this collaboration, when there are new regulations released or compliances change, Ideagen DevonWay software will be automatically updated to reflect the revisions, and the organization will be alerted to the noted changes. For customers, this means improved compliance and visibility, timely engagement and response, automatic and easy reporting, and informed, risk-based decision making. 

        Third-party technology is integrated directly into the Ideagen DevonWay software suite, where customers can easily manage and track all compliance-related issues, tasks, and actions. In the Ideagen DevonWay Compliance Management solution, customers can choose what they need – products are natively integrated with each other and with all Ideagen DevonWay products.

        “At Ideagen DevonWay, our expertise is helping customers with their digital journey, and part of that is plugging into the other systems out there that can provide the details necessary for compliance updates and more,” said Maggie Sokolov, Ideagen DevonWay’s Director of Strategic Partnerships. “These partnerships create enhancements to our product solutions.” 

        Ready to learn more?

        As Ideagen DevonWay products strive to streamline operations and breakdown silos, we are always adding new software and support, including through relevant partnerships. Reach out today to request a free demo to see how these integrations can improve your organization.