Quality Management

Tailor your QMS to meet your organization's unique needs -- without involving IT.

Streamline your Quality Processes

When a process is out of control, something needs to be done. With DevonWay, your workflow can be as simple or sophisticated as required to support your organization. Apply your own business rules and logic to route a suggestion, change request, or any other action to the appropriate individual or team.

Manage Your Documents in One Place

Having a comprehensive management tool and document repository is key to a successful Quality Management program. All DevonWay modules have the ability to easily integrate with one another as well as your existing processes. All documents are tracked from initiation through each revision in an easy-to-follow timeline. Role-based security ensures users only see what they can access.

Foster a Culture of Continuous Improvement

The first step to creating a successful culture of Quality and CI is to give everyone an easy way to participate and raise ideas. With DevonWay you can set up alerts and notifications based on conditions you control. Empower your team to work smarter by distributing reports on a schedule to interested parties. Show them how their hard work makes all the difference.

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Get Data Out Faster and Easier Than Ever

With a fully integrated in-memory search and analytics engine, our platform gives you the power you need to run your own searches across all your structured and unstructured data. Ad-hoc capabilities allow users to filter and break out event data into detailed, drill-down reporting.

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