Quality Management

Powering Your Resolve to Improve

When the quality and reliability of your operations aren’t an option, the DevonWay platform helps you avoid costly downtimes, inefficiencies, and mistakes.

Corrective & Preventive Actions

Comprehensive Corrective Action Program (CAP) management that engages the right people at the right time.

Audits & Assessments

Make your assessments easier to manage and provide the most forward-looking view of compliance possible.

Metrics & KPIs

Manage data collection, generation, internal review workflow, and publication of key performance indicators.


Actively manage observation requirements and effectively trend and measure the impact of observation activity.

Process Improvements

Identify process weaknesses, track solution tasks, and quantify actual cost savings to improve operations.

Safety Event Management

All the recording, distribution, analysis, and reporting of events you need for OSHA compliance in a single module.

More Power to You

Not seeing what you need to drive your performance improvement engine? No problem – any DevonWay application can be swapped in or added to cater to your exact needs:

CAP Trending

Comprehensively monitor, review, and manage trend data, while keeping operational overhead low.

Cost Savings

Capture potential cost saving opportunities and track how they’re managed.

Employee Concerns

Collect and manage issues raised by employees to harness the power of your workforce.

Employee Suggestions

Drive employee satisfaction and a strong safety culture with easy-to-submit suggestions.

General Actions

Prevent lower-risk items from escalating to full-fledged issues that threaten performance and safety.

Human Performance Clock Resets

Track crew, departmental, project, and site clock resets and the number of days between resets of each type.

Human Performance Investigations

Track error precursors leading up to an event and trend those human error precursors over time.

Lessons Learned

Foster communication of important information among an organization’s various groups and departments.

Non-Conformance Reports

Capture and manage issues relating to the non-compliance of equipment, components, or parts.

Operating Experiences

Present regulatory and industry guidance, across any industry, for OpEx coordination and management.

Performance Improvement Issues Management

Strategically plan the process of collecting and publishing gaps and initiatives across departments.

QA Gap Focus Area

Support oversight program excellence with actionable insights stemming from areas for improvement.

Rewards & Recognition

Easily manage employee rewards programs to encourage good work.

Safety Culture Surveys

Jump start your site’s safety culture assessment with this comprehensive survey.

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