Digital Procedures (DP)

Requiring workers to follow procedures for complex tasks is one of the best ways of ensuring a high-quality and safe work environment.

The only problem is, the usual means of executing procedures — paper — is itself prone to mistakes due to missed steps, lack of feedback, and its static nature. When you combine that with the financial and environmental cost of printing reams of pages every day, its inherent disadvantages are obvious.

DevonWay Digital Procedures (DP) solves these problems by:

  • Letting you easily change your procedures to match today’s needs
  • Incorporating smart branching, so workers only work on relevant steps
  • Gathering data in a structured form, so you can analyze it and use it to continuously improve
  • Displaying alerts when contradicting information is entered or dangerous parameters are crossed
  • Being 100% reusable and environmentally friendly

Ditch the clipboard

Workers simply follow on-screen instructions step-by-step. A familiar browser-like interface minimizes training. Workers can stop at any point, then pick up right where they left off.


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Work smarter

Digital Procedures eliminates paper while coordinating, facilitating, and streamlining work. Two-way communication channels promote more effective collaboration between field workers and supervisors, and real-time analytics notify appropriate personnel of progress, variations, and anomalies that impact maintenance and operations.

Get it right the first time

Increased productivity, oversight, and accountability mean tasks are completed correctly the first time without adding administrative burden. Task duration tracking and improved analytics allow managers to evaluate how to best complete a given procedure to make them even more efficient over time.

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Work the way you want to

Multimedia functionality allows audio, video, and photos to be taken during and after completing tasks, yielding a more comprehensive and accessible log. Your team can work in whatever way makes the most sense to them, meaning reduced missteps and re-work.

How it works

A complete Digital Procedures software suite is an integration of these primary applications:

  • A native mobile app for executing a digitized procedure and transmitting the completed steps back to a secure repository in the form of a completed, signed PDF and structured data in a computer based procedures model.
  • A management module for storing digital procedures in a structured, electronic format. Procedures can be authored directly in the DevonWay management module or externally through a Content Management System (CMS). The DevonWay management module also includes other information about a procedure, such as percentage completion and smart-branching rules that go beyond content to make the procedure “smart” and therefore easier to use. This extra information can be used for work execution in a mobile environment. The management module supports procedure modifications, reviews, and approvals to track and report on in a computer based procedure environment.
  • An applications platform that includes a relational database with a systems interface for storing digital procedures for subsequent archiving, retrieval, and integration with external systems such as CAP, operator rounds, and system health applications. The application platform also manages task assignments, procedure routing, and workflow to govern the creation and execution of work packages or individual procedures in the field.
  • A business intelligence suite for analyzing procedure data, tracking work completion, communicating alerts to interested parties, and providing ad hoc reporting tools to analyze procedure data.
  • Document management tools for tracking procedure revisions, routing new procedure versions through the review and approval process, organizing the procedure library by folders and sub folders, and making the procedure library available to authorized users.

Each of these application areas can exist within a stand-alone DevonWay environment or within another eWP platform, such as the one offered by DataGlance.

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