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Create mobile forms and execute digital procedures

How it works

Execute perfectly every time

With smart routing and validations, you can rest easy knowing that important steps aren’t overlooked and that data is captured easily and accurately. Dynamic workflows and task assignments ensure the right people are working on what’s expected of them, and that everyone has visibility into what’s being performed in the field.

Digitizing procedures also means that data can be transmitted back to central monitoring roles in real time, which reduces the cost and risk associated with delayed awareness of adverse trends and conditions.

Capitalize on data to improve

Besides reducing procedure adherence errors and enabling significant cost savings, the biggest advantage to mobile documents is enabling a treasure trove of data that can then be analyzed and trended. When combined with Quality Management and Workforce Solutions functions, that forms a closed loop system that makes it possible to not only become aware of inefficiencies, but also automatically generate feedback events that let you resolve them too, resulting in a virtuous cycle of ever-improving performance.


Mobile forms and procedures

Both mobile forms and computer based procedures can be executed offline and then sync’d to the server when connectivity is available.

Embedded logic

Embedded logic acts as an automated oversight tool, for example to prevent specific steps or fields from being skipped or to require a signature.

Integrated workflows

Work can be performed in the field as a seamless part of a larger process that includes planning, review, validation, and other steps.

Reporting and analytics

Users can create their own ad hoc reports and statistical trends to assess performance over time.

Rich Content

Images, tables, signatures, and other elements can all be included as fields on a form or procedure.

Web-based authoring

Mobile Forms can be created field by field or Word-based procedures can be imported.

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