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Mobile 1.24 Release

June 30, 2020 | Ashmi Wadhwani

We have some exciting new developments coming in our July Mobile 1.24 release. From video support to expanded search possibilities – our newest features will provide a better user experience and help make your job much easier. Mobile Notifications Support for Video A picture paints...

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How PDF Annotation Streamlines Processes for Mobile and Desktop

June 29, 2020 | Chenise Leveriza

We recently rolled out PDF annotation for desktop. We had already introduced this feature to mobile in July 2019, but the desktop version has additional benefits for processes that are typically executed on a computer, such as document management, compliance tracking, assessments, and inspections. Together, PDF annotation for...

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Virtual Training Coming to DevonWay

June 25, 2020 | Millie Ruchti

As Chris mentioned in his mid-year update, our team is well on our way to sustaining a virtual workstyle for the remainder of the year. While we miss seeing our teammates and our customers in person, we’ve realized virtual classrooms are an effective way to train...

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DevonWay Mid-Year Update

June 23, 2020 | Chris Moustakas

Saturday, June 20 was a milestone date for two reasons. First, it was the solstice (happy summer everyone!). And second, it was the 100th day since San Francisco issued its shelter-in-place order. On the one hand it’s hard to believe that the year is already halfway through, and on...

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Product Spotlight: Supplier Management

May 20, 2020 | Chris Moustakas

Today I wanted to spend a few minutes talking about our Supplier Management product, primarily because it’s such a clean example of how a few key features can combine in a simple way to reduce inefficiencies and risk.  Everyone has suppliers. Whatever the thing is that we create to drive revenue, we all depend on raw...

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Mobile 1.23 Release

May 18, 2020 | Ashmi Wadhwani

We are excited to announce the Mobile 1.23 release, and would like to showcase two of the biggest changes: Image Annotation and support for both Modifiable and Non-modifiable Attachments. Image Annotation We are launching a new feature that allows for pictures to be annotated directly within the DevonWay app. This feature is only available on...

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Designer Simplifies Making Mobile Apps

April 17, 2020 | Ashmi Wadhwani

It’s exciting and a bit magical to launch a new mobile app that changes how your team collaborates. But to do that typically requires engineers, months of development time, and complex release processes specific to each device type you want to use. And after the...

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Announcing a Covid-19 Tracking Solution

April 13, 2020 | Chris Moustakas

As we watched the Coronavirus pandemic flare out across the world during the early weeks in March, it didn’t take long for us to realize that you don’t have to be traveling to a war zone to be putting yourself at risk. Increasingly frequent extreme weather events, coupled with the reality...

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Two Ways that Digitization Can Help Reduce the Spread of Viruses

March 30, 2020 | Lee Rogers

We all now clearly understand that when it comes to reducing the spread of a virus, one powerful weapon at our disposal is limiting physical interactions and touchpoints between individuals. In large numbers of industries, we have seen millions of professionals transition from corporate office...

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UPDATE: DevonWay’s Response to COVID-19

March 18, 2020 | Chris Moustakas

Like all responsible companies during these chaotic times, we’re closely monitoring the COVID-19 crisis and have put in place measures to minimize its impact on our employees, families, and customers. At this point, we have every confidence that the pandemic will not result in any DevonWay service interruptions, for the following reasons: 1. We have frozen all non-essential travel and given employees the...

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Viewing Data On Your Mobile Device

February 18, 2020 | Chris Moustakas

In the 2020 development roadmap blog I mentioned that one of the big things we want to do this year is expand the use cases supported by our mobile app. Philosophically, we see mobile as a key component of every DevonWay implementation, on par with...

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EDF Energy a Finalist for Operational Excellence Innovation Awards

February 4, 2020 | Chenise Leveriza

We’re excited to announce that EDF Energy, one of the largest electricity generators in the United Kingdom, was selected by independent research firm Verdantix as a finalist for their upcoming Operational Excellence Innovation Awards. The winners will be announced at the HSE & Innovation Summit...

Access Control

Introducing New Record-level Access Control Features

January 9, 2020 | Jordan Smallwood

Proper governance controls are a delicate balance. Too many restrictions can grind a business to a halt, slowing down progress because administrators spend too much time managing access and users spend too much time requesting it. Conversely, too much flexibility creates a sticky situation where individuals with lower levels of security could inadvertently...

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Unanticipated Gems Are The Best

January 8, 2020 | Chris Moustakas

If there’s one constant, it’s that people are a creative bunch. After college, several friends and I moved to San Francisco to start jobs. We were barely getting paid a living wage, and San Francisco back then wasn’t that much cheaper than it is now....

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2020 Development Roadmap

December 10, 2019 | Chris Moustakas

Like most software companies, we spend a significant portion of our revenue on research and development. The good news is that the enterprise software space is in the middle of an explosive period of growth in innovation. The bad news is that it can be...

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Announcing New Barcode Scanning Feature

December 5, 2019 | Chenise Leveriza

At DevonWay, we’re always looking for ways to eliminate as much manual entry as possible and help save time and money while reducing the potential for error.  Many of our customers use barcodes to track assets. Depending on the industry and tools in place, the ID number may need to be recorded in an observation,...

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Large Utility Selects DevonWay for Pipeline Safety Management

November 14, 2019 | Chenise Leveriza

We’re excited to announce a recent go-live with over 10,000 users at one of the largest fully regulated utility companies in the United States. We’re helping upgrade their existing safety management system following certain reliability events. The DevonWay system, which supports the safety improvement suggestions listed...

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Deploying Software to Autonomous Stakeholders

November 12, 2019 | Chris Moustakas

The bigger an organization gets, the more decentralized it becomes. Sometimes this happens naturally, but usually it’s by design, as decentralization often provides efficiencies via quicker, more-local decision making. For example, large engineering and construction firms revolve around the individual projects, which are given a tremendous amount of operational freedom (within preset regulatory and quality parameters, of course).  An extreme example...

Top 10 Employees with Overdue Condition Reports

How to Use Reporting to Find Common Causes

November 8, 2019 | Wade Watts

Cause analysis charts are easy to set up in your DevonWay application and will help you effectively analyze and communicate your data. In this exercise, we’re going to walk through the steps for how to create one by using 10 employees with the most overdue condition reports as a...

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Customer Story: Proof That Transparency Boosts User Adoption

October 25, 2019 | Chenise Leveriza

Let’s face it, software isn’t always the most exhilarating thing. Getting users excited about software they have to use at work is a natural struggle, but there are concrete steps you can take to help boost adoption.  One of the most powerful techniques is to simply make it easier to retrieve data that users have entered. FirstEnergy,...