Having completed hundreds of projects with some of the largest and most complex organizations in the world, we can confidently say that we know what the obstacles to success are and how to overcome them. And with a formal process for incorporating lessons learned after every project, our delivery model only gets better over time.

Iterative delivery

Editing something is much easier than creating it from scratch. That’s why we show you working software, tailored to you, within the first few days of the project. One of the unique advantages of our no-code platform is that it lets us quickly respond to changes you request, so you have a constant, real-life window of the path that we’re on.

Our agile, iterative delivery model delivers quick wins, ensures we’re aligned, and gives us the opportunity to refine our direction as we learn together how the software best fits into your organization.

Open communication

Our projects take a few weeks to a few months, with most implementations averaging well under 100 days. Those quick schedules require timely, open communication, which our project managers supply through frequent meetings and status reports. If there are any bumps on the horizon, we identify them early so we can work together to resolve them, and make sure that we go live on time and on budget.

Full organizational support

We start every project expecting our relationship with you to last for years, so delivering on our promises is a vital part of our success and long-term business health. For that reason, DevonWay project teams have the authority to call on any internal resources they require to delight you — from management team approval of non-standard requests, to development resources for particularly thorny issues, even to the marketing team for change management materials and helpful handouts.

When you make the decision to do business with us, you can rest easy knowing that you have the cumulative talents of our entire company committed to making your project a success.

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