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5 Ways to Get Help With Your DevonWay Software


5 Ways to Get Help With Your DevonWay Software

March 23, 2018 | Chenise Leveriza

We offer a number of different ways to get help with your application. Whether you're looking for online training materials, ways to collaborate with other users, or more formal training opportunities, any of these options are steps towards making your job easier and more efficient.

1. Click the help button in your application

Did you know you have a help option conveniently located in your application? Click the question mark next to the search bar to view a drop down containing help documents, a guided tour, and more.

2. Subscribe to our YouTube channel

Our YouTube Channel is home to:

  • Tips and tricks in the form of 1 - 2 minute tutorials
  • Advanced concepts, such as calculated field examples
  • Product demos

Here's an example of one of our short tutorials: Understanding Workflow

3. Register for our monthly webinars

Every 2nd Wednesday of the month we host a live webinar where we start by demonstrating tips and tricks and end with technology updates. Whether you're a user or administrator, we encourage an open discussion and welcome any questions or suggestions.

Click here to register for the series.

4. Join our LinkedIn community

Be one of 100+ members of our LinkedIn Community, where you can:

  • Access exclusive videos, including our monthly webinar recordings
  • Collaborate and benchmark with other users
  • Engage directly with our team
  • Stay on top of upcoming training opportunities

5. Take a training course

Online training materials are great, but nothing beats a face-to-face opportunity. Check out our training page for more information on available courses. To get notified on upcoming training events, please contact Chenise at