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DevonWay Welcomes Regional Transmission Organization

DevonWay Welcomes Regional Transmission Organization

San Francisco, CA, June 3, 2016 - DevonWay is pleased to announce the successful implementation of our Corrective Action application at our first regional transmission organization (RTO) customer. By using DevonWay’s Corrective Action solution this RTO will be able to increase the efficiency in managing their quality and safety management initiatives.

Prior to implementing the DevonWay solution, there wasn’t an easy way for management to obtain meaningful and standardized reports about events and good catches. The process was managed in a SharePoint application, so reporting was limited and coordinating between teams was almost impossible.

With the DevonWay CAP solution, the RTO simplified and enhanced the submission process so employees can easily report an event/good catch with one click. They can choose to remain anonymous or self-identify, which encourages submissions because employees can comfortably report issues with the level of transparency they desire. Moreover, the solution enables easier collaboration between teams and individuals, providing for a more efficient CAP operation.

With these applications, the RTO will increase worker safety by more effectively tracking and trending incidents and good catches across the organization. The CAP solution manages the entire lifecycle of events, from initiation through screening, evaluation, causal analysis, action completion, and closure, to ensure the program is as streamlined as possible, with minimal administrative overhead. This facilitates user adoption and ultimately makes the system more comprehensive.

The implementation, from initial kickoff until move to Production, took a little over two months.

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