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        3 min read

        Admin Fundamentals Part II: 5 Dashboard Tips for Users

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        As a DevonWay Administrator, users may reach out to you with questions. These questions may range from “how-to” questions to “why” questions. In addition to answering their questions you can also provide them with helpful tips. In this article we’ll address 5 dashboard functionality tips to help you help your users succeed. 

        1. Close Many Tabs at Once 

        Many users don’t realize that multiple tabs can be closed at once! Just right-click on the tab and choose Close Other Tabs or Close All Tabs

        For more information on how to maximize your dashboard working area, please consider watching this short tutorial

        2. Use Keyboard Shortcuts 

        Many keyboard shortcuts are available. A full list can be viewed by clicking Accessibility under the “?” button. Try using the following shortcuts: 

        • Ctrl Alt + > makes tab to the right be active 
        • Ctrl + Alt + < moves the focus to the left 

        3. Create Live Tiles for Quick Access 

        Do you have a list of items that you need to access regularly, such as your assignments? Create a Live Tile for it so that the list is available on your dashboard and updates automatically. All items in the list will be directly accessible from the tile. 

        To do this simply drag a Saved Search to an empty area on your Dashboard.

        4. Customize Tiles 

        Users can customize any tile that they create, or ones that do not have the lock icon which indicates the tile was created by an administrator.  

        To edit the tile color, tile size, or text size, click the icon in the righthand corner of any tile to make your changes. 

        5. Create Tile Groups 

        Tile groups are great for organizing your dashboard or sharing groups of charts or tiles. 

        To create one, click the Tile Group button. Once a name has been given it will appear in the Tile Group folder in the left-side pane. Users can access any tile group within this folder. A tile group is basically an additional Home tab, except it does not contain any admin (locked) tiles that users may find bothersome. 

        Check out this short tutorial for detailed instructions on how to create a tile group. 

        I hope these tips are beneficial to you as an administrator as well as to your users. Tune in next month for Part III of our Administrator Fundamentals blog series.