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        DevonWay & Rombit: A Powerful Partnership For More EHS Data

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        Every organization strives for environmental, health and safety (EHS) excellence – and achieving those goals and mitigating risk starts with making EHS data as comprehensive, and accessible, as possible. 

        To continue providing organizations with the most useful EHS data insights, DevonWay is always adding new software and support, including relevant partnerships. In September, we announced our latest partnership with a rising firm in the industrial wearables and real-time risk management space, Rombit

        Through this partnership, Rombit and DevonWay offer an opportunity for organizations to take immediate action on incidents and prevent future occurrences. In turn, customers are empowered to create a safer, healthier work environment and better meet their EHS goals. 

        Importance of tracking EHS indicators

        No industry is immune from the risk of workplace injuries, yet some industries top the list when it comes to serious injury trends. According to the National Safety Council (NSC) Injury Facts website, depending on the measure used, the most dangerous industries in 2020 were:   

        • Construction, which experienced the most workplace deaths.

        • Agriculture, forestry, fishing and hunting showed the highest death rate per 100,000 workers.

        • Education and health services had the most nonfatal injuries and illnesses involving days away from work, as well as the highest injury and illness rate involving days away from work per 10,000 workers.

        To avoid serious injury and fatality (SIF), tracking and improving risk management needs a multi-tiered approach. As shared in a white paper by the Campbell Institute, which helps organizations achieve and sustain EHS excellence, there are three leading indicators in SIF prevention: those that are proactive, preventive and predictive. Using these measures are found to support the identification and elimination – or at least control – of workplace incident and injury risks. 

        The ability to be proactive, preventive and predictive depends on gathering the right EHS data in the right way. And this means not just at the time of an incident but collecting insights as frequently and reliably as possible. Finding a built-in solution is key to capturing the indicators organizations need to understand and improve their risk management. 

        Rombit tracking features

        Rombit reduces operational expenses through out-of-the-box safety, productivity and sustainability solutions. Rombit’s IoT and digital coaching products both prevent, analyze and report events, generated by workers and assets. 

        For example, through Rombit ONE, a worker wearable product, the all-in-one safety device tracks real-time data for worker safety. Some of the features include:

        • Lone worker support, with immediate alerts if distress is detected.

        • Collision avoidance to safeguard employees and collect safety insights.

        • Distance tracing to protect workers through social distancing and contact tracing.

        Another feature, Rombit Drive, is able to provide driver behavior solutions. Its tracking can lead to a significant decrease in near misses and accidents using three driver safety key performance indicators: dangerous driving, excessive braking and accelerating, and non-eco driving.

        While no one can have eyes across their entire organization, Rombit offers solutions that show the complete picture through individualized instances and insights. 

        Pairing Rombit with DevonWay

        The data offered through Rombit is a valuable support in the layers of information and tracking available through DevonWay software – all on a unified platform that integrates with related safety, quality and asset management processes. Through this partnership, customers can access real-time insights offered through Rombit, and use it to conduct analysis, take action, and understand trending through DevonWay. 

        “Of the many use cases Rombit’s exciting technology enables, one of the most exciting is that we will now collect data that went unreported before, such as near misses,” said Chris Moustakas, DevonWay’s CEO. “Even if the incident isn’t immediately actionable, collecting that data means we can trend it over time and identify areas and processes that cause safety gaps – before an injury, or worse, occurs.”

        These advanced insights enhance features already offered through DevonWay solutions, which provide easily accessible real-time data, automated reporting, self-serve business intelligence and configurable workflows and much more. One pairing is through DevonWay’s Accident and Injury Reports software. Derived from accident and injury data, these intuitive reports uncover possible trends in a variety of categories and at any location, providing insights and details organizations need to make a change.

        No organization has a crystal ball to know when an incident might occur. But by using the right technology – including the powerful partnership and extensive insights provided through Rombit and DevonWay together – more serious workplace injuries and fatalities can be prevented. 

        See what DevonWay can do for you

        DevonWay products – including those integrated with partners like Rombit – work together across departments, across organizations and across traditional software boundaries. Plus, they work well with your other systems, too, so environmental health and safety is never limited by silos. Find out how DevonWay can help your organization reach its EHS goals by requesting a demo